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2017 NFL Draft – Day 2 Recap

John Manuel

1- Lets start at the top of the draft with the infamous Browns. 

I really like what they are doing here.  Will it finally pan out?  Maybe, maybe not.  Garrett was a no brainer as the top pick.  Everyone killed them for losing out on the first round QBs but I think they played it right.  They were able to grab a legit talent in Peppers and a surprise move up to get Njoku who could have gone closer to top 20.

And since they had the extra picks accumulated it allowed them to experiment at quarterback.  The took Kizer in the second round but also on day one netted another 2018 first rounder.  It gives them a year to see what Kizer has and if he can take the talent he has and make it as a pro.  If they don’t like what they see they are in good shape to grab one of higher ranked QB prospects in the 2018 draft.

2- I think the fortunate team in the draft is the Redskins for sure. 

They came in needing to still overhaul their defense from the trenches back.  And no one expected Jonathan Allen to be there at 17.  He was and the Redskins pounced.  For a team in the second half of the first round there wasn’t a bigger best player available fitting a huge need.  Washington also moved next to pass rusher and grabbed Ryan Anderson and then for the second straight year gambled on an injured DB who may have slipped due to injury.  For those who wanted the Skins to go all defense you got your wish.

3- I really question what the Giants are doing. 

Evan Engram is a flashy pick because he is a pass catcher but it seems like for the second straight year the took a slot guy high.  The Giants needed a true tight end for sure but is Engram that?  I understand taking Tomlinson to make up for losing Hankins but with so much invested up front could another spot be addressed?

The Giants struggled on the offensive line and failed to use one of their top three picks in an offseason that saw them fail to truly address it in free agency.  Eli Manning is not getting more mobile or any better to be exact.  Maybe he can just drop back and throw it in 1.5 seconds and hope the long list of big name receivers they have can go get it?

4- Finally, a tale of two rivals which I think drafts went in opposite directions. 

The Steelers and the Ravens.  I really like what the Steelers have done so far.  Watt fits a spot they needed to get better at.  Ironically, Smith-Schuster is probably the guy the Ravens should have taken in the second round.  And James Conner also fills a need with a young back behind Bell.  Just three solid picks which will help quick.

As for the Ravens, I guess Ozzie Newsome truly stuck to his best player on the board theory.  The Ravens did have some holes on defense which their picks will help but their offense lacked way too much talent to not address it in rounds 1-3.  They could have used a running back, playmaking tight end, center, right tackle and two receivers but got none of them.  It is hard to challenge the Ravens draft track record but this one is confusing.



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