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Each NFL Team’s Biggest NFL Draft Bust

John Manuel

Here’s our picks for biggest NFL Draft bust for all 32 teams. Do you agree? Remember this week to prepare for the 2017 NFL Draft, use On the Clock Mock Draft Simulator!

Dallas Cowboys- Randy Gregory- DE- Nebraska
Jerry thought he had the steal of the draft but as of now he just wasted a 2nd round pick.

New York Giants- Derek Brown-TE- Notre Dame
Going back but had to because Brown did essentially nothing as a Giants tight end.

Washington Redskins- Desmond Howard- WR-Michigan
Over Shuler because they traded up to get Howard and over RG3 because at least he won ROTY.

Philadelphia Eagles- Mike Mamula- DE- Boston College
Has to be. Fooled by the combine stats.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Keith McCants- LB- Alabama
Dilfer won a SB which saves him but McCants and his 13 sacks as the 4th pick wins.

Carolina Panthers- Rae Carruth- WR- Colorado
No need to go into details.

New Orleans Saints- Ricky Williams- RB- Texas
Good career but because they traded their whole draft to get him.

Atlanta Falcons- Aundray Bruce- LB- Auburn
Maybe the biggest non-QB #1 overall draft bust by a team.

Green Bay Packers- Tony Mandarich- OT- Michigan State
Incredible Bulk turned into the Credible Bust quick.

Detroit Lions- Mike Williams- USC/ Charles Rogers-Michigan State WRs
The Millen three straight WRs drafts brought a hall of famer and two enormous busts.

Minnesota Vikings- Christian Ponder- QB- Florida State
Everyone thought number 12 was way high. Everyone was correct.

Chicago Bears- Cade McNown- QB- UCLA
They have a lot to chose from but check how they killed it from 79-87 though.

Seattle Seahawks- Aaron Curry- LB- Wake Forest
Called the safest pick of the draft. Many missed on Curry.

San Francisco 49ers- Jim Drukenmiller- QB- Va Tech
He never challenged Young or Garcia for starting QB.

Arizona Cardinals- Andre Wadsworth- DE- Florida State
Right there next to Aundray Bruce a huge bust.

LA Rams- Lawrence Phillips- RB- Nebraska
Beware the issues. They didn’t and it was costly.

New England Patriots- Hart Lee Dykes- WR- Oklahoma State
Who? Unfortunately they haven’t had any huge busts.

NY Jets- You can pick from one of these
Johnny Lam Jones, Roger Vick, Blair Thomas, Johnnie Mitchell, Passing on Marino, Kyle Brady.

Miami Dolphins- Dion Jordan- LB- Oregon
Pretty new but he is already history in Miami.

Buffalo Bills- Mike Williams- OT- Texas
4th overall and never did anything.

Pittsburgh Steelers- Gabriel Rivera- DE- Texas A&M
Passed on Marino and unfortunately drunk driving ended Rivera’s career right away.

Baltimore Ravens- Matt Elam- S- Florida
Did he even play?

Cincinnati Bengals- Akili Smith- QB- Oregon
Close win over Klingler and Ki-jana.

Cleveland Browns- Again take your pick.
Couch, Manziel, Quinn, Courtney Brown, William Green, Trent Richardson. Tough run.

Houston Texans- David Carr- QB- Fresno State
The first ever pick was the worst pick.

Indianapolis Colts- Tough run of Coryatt, Emtmann and Alberts
All three top 5 picks that did very little.

Jacksonville Jaguars- RJ Soward- WR- USC
More issues than catches.

Tennessee Titans- Jake Locker- QB- Washington
Retired at like 27? He knew he was a bust.

Oakland Raiders- Robert Gallery- OT- Iowa
#2 pick that couldn’t play tackle in the league.

Denver Broncos- Tommy Maddox- QB- UCLA
Still had good years left with Elway.

San Diego Chargers- Ryan Leaf- QB- Washington State
Maybe the most famous of the list.

Kansas City Chiefs- Todd Blackledge- QB- Penn State
Another failure of the famous QB draft.



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