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Most Intriguing Draft Situations to Watch

John Manuel

1- What do the Browns do?

Most likely they will settle for Myles Garrett over a quarterback at number one you think.  Their more intriguing pick is at 12 and will they even stay there.  I can’t see them moving back since they already have a ton of early picks.  Could they move up into the top 5 to try and get Trubisky?  I think it is possible since after Garrett it seems there are 5-6 defensive guys who are around the same level.  San Fran or Chicago should be looking to move back and add more picks for sure.  And still get a guy high on their board with either the Browns or the Jets pick.

2- Could Richard Sherman move on Draft weekend?

There are a lot of corners in the draft but would a team in the late first rather take a chance on an unproven or trade for a proven talent in Sherman.  The downfall with the obvious choice of the proven is the contract difference which would be huge.  A team in desperate need of secondary help and with cap room may just take that chance on dealing with Sherman.  Seattle must be tired of his act based on how this continues to drag on and their GM not denying anything.

3- Do the Champs make noise?

They have plenty of ammo to.  They could trade Jimmy G and get the 12th pick from the Browns.  Trade Malcolm Butler and get the 32nd from the Saints.  Imagine the Pats doing both and adding two first rounders when they have Brady for what looks to be a few more years and Gilmore now.  It is scary to think that the Pats could add a Foster or McCaffrey if they did give up Jimmy G.  It has already been a crazy off season for a team you would expect to lose guys not continue to add.

4- What happens if the Redskins come up to pick and Watson or Trubisky are on the board?

Bruce Allen says Cousins is not available yet his contract negotiations have been going on for over a year and there is no sign of a deal.  What is going on here?  You have to think by now both Cousins and Allen know where this is going and since he has not signed who will be the Redskins QB in 2018?  There is a slight chance a couple of top guys could slip to them and could they pass on either?  Since I have no clue what is going on with Cousins I have no way of answering this.  It has been a mess for a long time so why try and get involved now?



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