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Players Still Not Signed

John Manuel

1- Adrian Peterson

It seems like a lot of football fans out there are wondering why AP cannot find a home.  I think it is pretty easy.  Has any running back over 30 signed any contract of worthy in recent times?  And add to that he has had both a major injury and major suspension.  Now I am not surprised Peterson is taking his time and weighing his options.  Since it is most likely a one year deal is coming.  Does he end up in Dallas after all even with Zeke there?

2- Jonathan Hankins

Defensive lineman usually get snatched up quick on the first day or two of free agency.  But Hankins is till looking.  And it seems kinda quiet on his front.  Could he be an impact on a so/so defensive line or was he just a benefactor of a new Giants defensive line in 2016?  It looks like most teams may be struggling with this.  And with guys like Poe and Logan getting one year deals is Hankins on his way to that route?

3- LeGarrette Blount

i think the simple answer is that he ends up back with the Patriots.  They have the room to get a short term deal done.  And why wouldn’t they just stick with Blount over signing Peterson.  I am surprised he has not had more action from other teams.  Running backs come cheap in the end and 18 touchdowns is 18 touchdowns.  But I bet he ends up back in New England.

4- Cutler/Kaepernick/Griffin

All three are sitting out there and the talk is quiet.  They have lost out already to Josh McCown which hurts for Kaep and Cutler.  Now it gets to the point where maybe they should be patient and see what happens over the summer.  Or their agents should be in Houston lobbying on their behalf 24/7.  The jobs they want are just not there other than with the Texans since Romo is retired.  I added Griffin to this but no one should go down that road.



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