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NFL Free Agency Winners & Losers

John Manuel


1- New England Patriots

Easy one and a frustrating one.  They had cap room to use and they did use it.  Stephon Gilmore took a surprise big money deal to come over to the Pats from a division opponent.  This allows them to eventually move Malcolm Butler over to recoup a pick or two for getting Cooks.  But they also got Kony Ealy and Rex Burkhead which I bet become solid contributors.  And also bring back Hightower at a reasonable price.  It just isn’t fair for the AFC.

That is it I feel but I have two teams that could have big payoffs.

2- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Adding DeSean Jackson could pay off huge but I am in a wait and see mode.  It all looks good pairing DeSean with Mike Evans and having a now third year Jameis Winston.  But could this fail?  I don’t think so but it is a huge season for Winston who has to produce or there is no excuse.  Plus adding Swaggy Baker at a reasonable price should be a plus.  I think they could end up the biggest winners but there is bust potential if Jackson shows age or Winston regresses.

3- Jacksonville Jaguars

Once again the Jags spent big especially on defense.  As they sent big dollars to the bank accounts of Bouye, Campbell and Church.  The defense was already making strides off past move but if the offense doesn’t get better it won’t matter.  It will be another wasted year if Bortles is awful once again.  Could the Jaguars inquire about Kirk Cousins?  What are they really gonna do with that fourth pick?  It is a lot of defense at the top and they have spent so much there maybe moving the pick is the answer.  To be continued.


1- Dallas Cowboys

Dallas rolled into the playoffs with lots of momentum for the future but then lost.  And since then it hasn’t been solid at all for the Boys.  The defense was a surprise last season but could it have been kinda phony.  Well, they lost guys like Church, Wilcox, McClain, and others in the secondary eventually.  They lost two offensive line starters but they will be fine there.  Plus the Romo situation is turning into a joke now.  And Zeke isn’t helping with his actions.  They are making the draft very important as they watch free agency pass them by.

2- Minnesota Vikings

Like the Cowboys the Vikings started to build a lot of momentum towards the future then the season turned.  But the Vikings still had some talent especially on the defensive side.  Problem is the Vikings seemed to miss out on multiple targets so far.  They did replace Kalil with Rieff but it cost a lot.  Adrian Peterson may eventually come crawling back to them but the NFL has shown he is really that wanted.  It just seemed like the Vikes were a team who could take the next step with a few moves and haven’t been able to.

3- Robert Griffin/ Brock Osweiler

One was cut by the Browns who really don’t have a QB on the roster yet and one was traded to buy a pick.  Both are now damaged goods and it will be hard for either to find a chance to start again.  It just shows how quickly you can tumble to nothing in the league.



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