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NFL Free Agency Early Thoughts

John Manuel

1- I got nothing on the Redskins mess.  I have no desire to recant the feelings of almost all Skins fans of the past 25 years.

2- But I do like what the Browns are doing.  There is still a lot of work to do in Cleveland but they are moving in the right direction. 

The Osweiler trade was a shock in both he was traded and that the Browns were able to beat the system for now.  I still wonder if this trade holds up after review.  It could really cause issues down the road with many teams having lots of cap room.  And with the whining owners of the Ravens and Giants I bet this is discussed for the future.  But the Browns now have the picks to not only improve through the draft but to acquire the much needed quarterback.

Once it cools down in DC maybe they can make a fifty cents on the dollar trade to the Skins for Cousins who could realize a trade has to be made.  Or ofcourse with the Patriots for Jimmy G.  But the most important part for the Browns is to improve through the draft.  Myles Garrett is a huge start and as is solidifying the offensive line on Thursday.  I think there is some promise by the lake finally.

3- Jacksonville continues to load up on defense by adding even more big dollar free agents in Calais Campbell, AJ Bouye and Barry Church. 

If their defense fails it will not be because they didn’t try.  Could they add Jamal Adams or Jonathan Allen in the draft also?  Problem is for the Jags that even if they play ’85 Bears defense they still have Blake Bortles behind center.  And Bortles will have to improve because there is no sign they are looking QB right now.  They could use their high pick on a lineman but none look to be anywhere near a top 10 grade so far.  The Jags may look and have no other option than trying to help Bortles by adding either Fournette or Cook and try to get an immediate impact.

4- Quick hits

a- Robert Griffin- no one is gonna try it?  Right?  The 2020 Olympics may be a better option.

b- Cowboys change of heart is funny on releasing Romo.  I don’t see a trade happening and they end up releasing him.

c- Not shocked Adrian Peterson isn’t getting as much attention as he figured.  Or any running back has so far.

d- I think the Eagles did well to get Alshon Jeffery on a one year deal.  When he plays he is good but he doesn’t always play.  Is it a bad thing if he blows up and you have to worry about resigning next year?

e- Big season for Jameis Winston now.  He has been fine but it will be time to go to next level and the Bucs have now loaded up to help him.  Can’t regress like Bortles.



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