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Top NFL Free Agency Questions

John Manuel

1- Where will Adrian Peterson end up?

I think he ends up back in Minnesota in the end.  They need and I bet it all gets worked out.  I do think he checks out some teams though.  If Dallas is really interested I think that would be moronic.  A team with a superstar back already and cap issues paying Peterson?  As a Skins fan I am fine with that.  The Raiders sounds intriguing but shouldn’t they just keep Murray or grab a back in the early draft rounds.

2- This lead up week is gonna be huge for a lot of teams trying to keep their own pending free agents. 

Teams like New England with Hightower and Baltimore with Brandon Williams may want to work hard to get deals done ASAP.  Because just look at the amount of teams with loads of cap space.  It is insane.  Half the league is sitting with over $30 million in space available.  Including the champion Patriots.  I think once anyone of need hits the market it will be tough to retain that player.

3- Will anyone pay Darrelle Revis?

Is this going to be a situation like Nnamdi Asomugha when he was cut by the Eagles?  And had a hard time finding a new home?  It could be.  I am one also that does not believe in the just make Revis a safety call.  The argument that a corner with sliding skills can just move to safety is stupid.  Ronnie Lott was young when he did, Rod Woodson was a freak and Charles Woodson still was as much a corner.  I wouldn’t pay Revis big money to try a position he hasn’t played.  I think with the off field issues now looming he won’t be snatched up quick.

4- I just saw that the Tony Romo market looks to be limited to just the Texans, Broncos, 49ers and Rams. 

I am surprised if this is true.  I know he is a risk of injury at all times now and he hasn’t really played in two years.  But, most likely he will be released and can be had for nothing.  Wouldn’t you rather take a chance on Romo than Fitzpatrick, Keenum or Hoyer?  Houston makes clear sense because they have no QB.  Denver is a tough one because they just drafted a guy in the first.  The 49ers are gonna draft one at two or wait a year for Cousins.  And the Rams have to stick with Goff you would think.  I got the Texans and Romo trying to keep Bill O’Brien employed.



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