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Title: A Dummies Guide to Surviving the NFL Offseason

Steve Shoup

Substitute Daily Fantasy Football for Daily Fantasy Basketball or Golf

We all know how addicting daily fantasy football is, but did you know that daily fantasy basketball and daily fantasy golf can be just as exciting? OK maybe not, but it does help fill the void. Daily fantasy basketball can be a bit more challenging and will require you to pay close attention to injury reports and the starting lineup. Fantasy golf on the other hand is quite entertaining and doesn’t require as much research. Just make sure to set your lineup on Wednesday night because play typically starts early Thursday morning. You’ll also want to draft players who you think will make the cut, because if they don’t, that player stops accumulating points after only 2 days. It’s better to draft 5 players who make the cut, than the top 2 finishers and 3 players who miss the cut.


Subscribe to NFL Gamepass and Relive Your Best Sundays

NFL Gamepass allows you to watch all of the NFL action during the 2016 season without any commercials. You can fast forward, rewind, watch (and re-watch) your favorite plays in slow motion. At only $99, it’s quite cost effective as well. Sure, you already know the outcome of each game, but does that really matter? It sure beats watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory or Wheel of Fortune all night.


Start Watching The Walking Dead on Sunday Night

This is no Sunday Night Football, but it’s wildly entertaining. For those who haven’t started watching The Walking Dead, there are 6 fantastic seasons available on Netflix. If you’re all caught up, Season 7 has new episodes that air on Sunday at 9 PM EST on AMC. The Walking Dead should satisfy your craving for entertainment until Game of Thrones Season 7 returns (rumored for the Summer of 2017).


Start Preparing for Your 2017 Fantasy Football Draft

Why not start your prep for the 2017 fantasy football season? There are a ton of storylines to follow this offseason, including many that will impact your fantasy team for next year. For example, will the Pats shop Jimmy G, and is he fantasy relevant next year? Where will Tony Romo land next year? Will Adrian Peterson return to Pro Bowl form? Perhaps more important than prepping for season, is to start thinking about ways to improve your fantasy draft! It’s time to get out off of your computer and out of your house for draft day. We recommend picking up a premium fantasy football draft board at https://fantasyfootballdraftboard.net, telling your wife and kids you’ll be gone for the weekend, and head out to Las Vegas! Too much? Then plan a weekend vacation with your boys and head to your favorite golfing destination or casino and make a weekend out of it. It doesn’t have to be Las Vegas, but it’s about time you step up your game for draft day.


Mope Around Depressed

If all else fails, you could always spend the next 28 weekends moping around the house depressed. After all, this is the NFL offseason, and just like the Sun, it will return soon. Hey, we didn’t say you have to enjoy the off-season, just survive it!

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