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Free Agents each NFC team should sign

John Manuel

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Dallas Cowboys- Stephon Gilmore- CB- Bills

Who knows who is penciled in at corner for Dallas in ’17.  I kind of think the Dallas defense was not as good and got lucky the past season.  Need to shore up their secondary.

NY Giants- Andrew Whitworth- T- Bengals

As fellow New Yorker would say Donald Trump would say that Erik Flowers was a disaster.  The Giants worked the defense a year ago and now need to figure out the offensive line.

Washington Redskins-  Brandon Williams- DT- Ravens

They need a full defensive line and starting in free agency is a must.  Probably need two solid additions so they don’t have to rely on the draft.

Philadelphia Eagles- Terrell Pryor- WR- Browns

Sounds like he ain’t moving but until there is pen to paper he would be a huge addition for Wentz.  I would take him over both Jeffrey and Torrey Smith.

Green Bay Packers- AJ Bouye- CB- Texans

The one year wonder is better than what we saw in Green Bay get torched all season.  The Pack usually don’t go out and grab big dollar free agents but Rodgers has made his voice clear.

Chicago Bears- Eric Berry- S- Chiefs

Go big or stay in last again.  Will be tough to get but like the Pack the Bears need help in the back.  Romo could be intriguing or the small chance Cousins doesn’t get franchised.

Detroit Lions- Dont’a Hightower- LB- Patriots

Last season they spent trying to help for the loss of Megatron.  This season it would be smart to improve the defense with one of the champs.

Minnesota Vikings- Kevin Zeitler- G- Bengals

Anywhere on the line would help but lets key in a player Zimmer is familiar with.  The team should see some solid relief once they resolve the Peterson situation also.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Tony Jefferson- S- Cardinals

Bucs depth chart has Conte and McDougald as the starters at safety.  My point is made.

New Orleans Saints- Jason Pierre Paul- DE- Saints

Saints still need to find guys on the defense so why not go for impact up front.  Maybe a bad call because a lot of parties in Nola.  And firecrackers may be around.

Carolina Panthers- Nick Perry- Edge- Packers

The front seven could be a changeover his off season so they have to address that.  The ability to consistently lacked since Greg whats him name left.  And he ain’t coming back.

Atlanta Falcons- Calais Campbell- DL- Cardinals

The offense is fine.  The defense has talent but it is young so bringing in a talented vet should be the way to go here.

LA Rams- Alshon Jeffery- WR- Bears

McVay and Goff need someone who can do something on offense regularly.  McVay saw how important pass catchers are to his offense in Washington.  He isn’t going into 2017 depending on Austin and Quick.

San Francisco 49ers- Larry Warford- G- Lions

Many holes to fill so it is easiest just to start with the interior lines.  A once strong 49ers offensive line as deteriorated emmensely.

Seattle Seahawks- TJ Lang- G- Packers

There is a pipeline from Green Bay to Seattle and back.  And the Seahawks really struggled getting their line right last season.  Adding a guy like Lang would be a solid start.

Arizona Cardinals- Martellus Bennett- TE- Patriots

Seems like the tight end position gives nothing in Arizona.  Time to find one.



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