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5 Intriguing Free Agent Situations

John Manuel

1- Kirk Cousins

Easy one because a starting QB who has thrown for close to 9000 yards in two years very rarely reaches free agency.  The Redskins could franchise him and play it out again but that is way too risky if they have any thoughts of him being the long term guy.  If he reaches free agency a year from now it should be crazy what he will get on a fully open market.  And with the Redskins showing no signs of making a serious offer this looks like the most obvious option.  Unless a team is willing to give up picks for Cousins.  But will they do that?  If you are San Francisco or Cleveland, just wait a year and take a chance.  Cousins and his $45 mil over two seasons is sitting pretty even if he has a down 2017 from what he has done the last two years.  Cousins is going to be rich either way and a year from now the Redskins could be in a serious QB concern.

2- Eric Berry/ Dontari Poe

I put them together because the Chiefs have themselves in a real bind.  Two important players and only one franchise tag.  The Chiefs have used the tag a few times in the past including last season on Berry.  But Berry has already said he will not play if he is tagged again.  So the Chiefs should get moving on re-signing Berry ASAP so they can tag Poe if needed.  Problem is the Chiefs are exactly in the best cap situation, but that should change with a few cuts and restructures.  If either or both these guys hit the market they could be goners as the Chiefs probably can’t get into a bidding war.

3- Calais Campbell

Campbell is intriguing because unlike the other guys he is a bit older.  And plays a position of continual pounding on the body.  But Campbell is still one of the best defensive lineman in the game.  And has shown no signs of slipping play.  But he is 31 so giving him a huge 5-6 year deal a lineman of his skill typically gets is very risky.  But remember there are 32 teams so someone will fill Campbell’s pockets, though don’t be surprised if it ends up being for just 3-4 years at maybe a slightly higher rate.

4- AJ Bouye

If you don’t know this name it is because Bouye went from special teamer to one of the better corners in the league.  He played for a Texans defense that was one of the best but was overshadowed by their awful quarterback play.  His rise is very similar to that of Josh Norman’s a year ago,  but without all added talk and actions.  If you have any wonder if he will get paid, he will.  As he is probably the best corner on the market it has to be a lock.   The question is who goes “all-in” for him, if the Texans don’t agree to a deal. Some may look at him a just a 1 year wonder, but other teams will surely role the dice.

5- Terrell Pryor

Pryor has continually said he wants to play for Hue Jackson in Cleveland but in the end could he crush Browns fans?  I think many teams in the league will jump at the chance to get the former QB.  6’6” and can run is what you are looking at.  And the former QB truly understands the routes.  Pryor has had some issues in the past but last season he showed signs of being a breakout receiver.  And he did it with a bad quarterback situation.  What team strives at taking players with questionable pasts, has a lot of cap room and could actually give Pryor a solid QB?  Yeah, the Patriots.  It just feels like this could be a possibility if the Browns don’t franchise him.

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