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Who will win Super Bowl 51 and why?

John Manuel

Why I think the Patriots will win?

This week I heard a good point made by a radio host that we may overlook.  The Patriots have been there so many times they know how the Super Bowl differs from any another regular season or playoff game.  They know the week off, the long halftime, the media assault, etc.  And I do think this is a solid point.  I think it is crazy that they only have 22 guys who have played in the big game though since they played just two years ago.  It just shows how football is a short career and the roster changeover.  And they have Brady who makes it hard to bet against them anytime.

Why I think the Falcons wins?

They have on offense that is rolling so smooth right now the 1985 Bears may have had a challenge.  And I do think the Pats coaches can come up with a game plan that may slow them down but I don’t think the defense is good enough talent wise to keep them down.  On the other side I think the Falcons defense is better than we think.  It is very young but sometimes that works.  Vic Beasley could be the Von Miller of this year and the Falcons seem to cause turnovers in big situations.

Who wins?

Last week I went Falcons and I have not decided to change that call.  I know the Giants are not representing the NFC but I think New England, Brady and Belichick can lose here.  I got fooled last year thinking the Panthers would roll but not this year.  The Falcons had to take down two solid teams to get the game and proved they were legit the last 10 weeks or so.  I just think they are better right now.

Falcons 27  Patriots 16


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