NFL Rewind: Super Bowl 50 is set

NFL Observations

1- Just like Jonas championship weekend has come and gone and it will be the Broncos and the Panthers in the big game. 

Manning versus Brady 56 was a shock to most.  I thought all week that the Patriots would roll into Denver and send Peyton to retirement.  But then on Sunday I saw a tweet that over 70% of Vegas betters were taking the Pats minus three.  And that the line didn’t seem to move because of that.  So I thought Denver had a chance.  And Wade Phillips and his crew came to work just like they have done all season.  And Denver is back in the Super Bowl.

I am kind of happy because I have become tired of seeing the Patriots play in the Super Bowl.  Although its usually against teams I can’t stand and am I left to root for no one.  This would have been different though with the Panthers and Cardinals.  But the guy who threw interceptions around to everyone is back in it.  Can he go out with a second ring?  Like Elway did?  I don’t think so but is a pretty good story.

2- The other game was a beatdown as Carson Palmer looked like mid-season Peyton Manning. 

Anyone out there who isn’t pushing Cam Newton for MVP can be laughed at this Monday.  Cam was great as he has been all season and the Cardinals just weren’t right.  Larry Fitzgerald was dropping balls even.  Anyone check on that fan who went flying over the wall after the one touchdown?

Now we wait to see what Cam has in store for media day and more importantly if Thomas Davis can go in Santa Clara.  If he can’t play with the broken arm it will be unfortunate.  Such a great story all season who has over come so much.  Can he get out there?  He says he will be on the field.  I hope he is correct.  My early call is going to be that the Panthers roll the Broncos in the Super Bowl.  I think Newton isn’t fazed by great players like Von Miller like most QBs are.

3- Quick Hits
a- Who you got in the Pro Bowl?  Team Irvin or Team Rice.  Forget it.  It is so stupid and the I think unlike when hockey came up with it it doesn’t work for the NFL.  Please end it and just show some old White Room party footage from Mike Irvin in the 90s.
b- Thanks Dez for the reminder that your foot was broken.
c- Mike McCarthy is fed up with the Packers not signing free agents.  Even though they didn’t make the Super Bowl their way of working has worked.
d- Speaking of free agency I really think the excitement of the past is going to be lost.  Too many teams have way too much cap room.  I think premier position guys just won’t hit the market anymore.  But Greg Hardy will!
e- Is it the LA Rams and they San Diego Chargers?  Or the LA Rams and the San Diego Raiders?  Or the LA Raiders and the LA Rams?


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