NFL Rewind: Recapping the Divisional Round

NFL Observations

1- First let’s go after the NFC.  

Saturday night’s game ended with some controversy I guess?  Really it didn’t because the coin flip was just a bad flip with no outcome change and the overtime rule is fine.  They don’t need to change the rule again, it is OK as it is.  I give the Packers a lot of credit though to fight the way they did after losing another top receiver in Randall Cobb.  And how crazy is it for Aaron Rodgers to complete a second hail mary?  And to do it throwing the ball under pressure the way he did.  Just unreal.  But in the end Larry Fitzgerald stepped up and the Cards are lucky after getting a real shaky effort from Carson Palmer not playing like a MVP contender.

As for the other game what a beat down for the first thirty minutes and then a nail biter for the second thirty minutes.  First the Seahawks and I am not shocked they lost because I didn’t see this team being anywhere near the teams of the past three seasons.  Just like the Steelers I felt the Hawks were way over hyped.  But the Panthers first half was domination and if you didn’t think they were a worthy 15-1 you were shown why by halftime.  For me the Panthers season was shown in a quick moment.  Joe Buck mentioned how strong Kawann Short has played and is going to the Pro Bowl.  Most people watching I bet had no clue who he is.  Next play he sacked Russell Wilson for 15.

2- Now the AFC or I feel like it’s the Patriots with healthy receivers and a bunch JV teams this season. 

No shock but New England did win another playoff game and now Tom Brady will play in his 10th AFC title game.  But this game just felt like the Pats got every break.  Not with the refs but just bounces and other stuff.  What may have helped them more was the horrible clock management down the stretch by Andy Reid and Alex Smith.  It was downright embarrassing for a veteran coach to do that.  Even Jim Zorn was yelling at his TV as the seconds clicked away.

And now the Pats and Brady face who else…Peyton and the Broncos.  Manning played well in my opinion and if his pass catchers didn’t help him out.  But it also helped that the Broncos got a running game going late when they needed points.  This game was a true bore job and when you add Phil Simms it almost became unwatchable.  I actually caught a lot of Caps/Rangers and the Godfather marathon.  Simms actually on the pass interference on Roby said it was a good call.  Then Nantz asked him if it was catchable and he said NO.  What?  And good news because he will doing the Super Bowl.  Hopefully his final game.  Working on my Spanish as we speak so I can watch it in SAP.

3- As for the title games I will make some early predictions. 

New England is heading to Denver where they lost two years ago.  Neither team is really a true Super Bowl team to me.  Well, if New England can protect Brady they can beat anybody.  I don’t see Denver scoring much in this game.  But the question is can they get to Brady?  I think Brady can get rid of the ball in time and in the end New England wins 20-6.  Whooohoo the Patriots in the big game again.  Tired of it.

Let’s get to the real game of Sunday.  Arizona at Carolina.  The two best teams in the league right now.  At first thought I really liked Carolina at home in this one but the second half of the Seattle game makes me think.  Carson Palmer will need to play much better now that he has his first playoff win.  Much better and if he does even with Josh Norman the Cards should move the ball.  They have the guys to get open versus the other Panthers secondary guys.  Still going to go Panthers but going to say 27-24.

4- Quick Hits

a- So the Giants got rid of Coughlin but kept the GM, promoted the OC and kept the DC?  So I guess it was all Coughlin?  As a Redskins fan I love these moves.
b- I do think Chip Kelly can do something in San Fran.  Good thing is he isn’t picking players but Baalke is and that could be a bad thing.  As a Redskins fan I say thank god we have McCloughan.
c- Should mention how great the Alabama/ Clemson title game was.  One of the best games I have seen in a long time.  Better than any of these NFL playoff games.
d- Did a defensive guy get a head coaching job?  And was it like 8 total guys interviewing for all the jobs and Austin and Marrone are the ones who lost out?
e- Countdown to the Romo and Manziel QB battle!


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