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Heading into the 2015 NFL season, we thought it would be fun to look at NFL Playoff trends. Typically each year a team or more with the worst record in the division makes the playoffs the following year.

We put together data that shows these trends below. And then check out our prediction of which cellar dwellar may head to the playoffs this year!

To embed this infographic on your website, use the following code:

<a href=”https://fanspeak.com/power-rankings”><img title=”Cellar Dwellars to the Playoffs From Fanspeak.com” alt=”Cellar Dwellars to the Playoffs From Fanspeak.com” src=”https://fanspeak.com/images/fanspeak-cellardwellars-infographic.jpg” /></a><br /><div style=”width:601px; padding: 10px;”><a href=”https://fanspeak.com/fsnfl/2015/09/09/infographic-nfl-playoff-trends/”>Cellar Dwellars to the Playoffs From Fanspeak.com</a></div>

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