10 Important Things to Watch this season

NFL NFL Observations

10- The obvious one. Can Jimmy Garappolo keep it together for the Pats?

My real guess is this won’t matter and Brady will win in court and play 16 regular season games. But If Garappolo plays 2, 3 or 4 games I think the team will rally around him and they won’t miss a beat. Remember how bad the Pats and Brady looked after the KC game a year ago? They recovered.

9- Tony Romo’s back

It is Super Bowl or bust for the Dallas Cowboys but what if Romo’s troubled back becomes an issue again? They are most likely done based on what we have seen the past two seasons, and no one thinks Brandon Weeden will suddenly become Tony Romo.

8- Chip Kelly the GM vs. Chip Kelly the Coach

Kelly has proven he can coach in the NFL the past two years, with back-to-back 10 win seasons. The question is what may be the only thing can stop him? The answer, Kelly being the GM maybe. It will interesting to see how all the player changes he has made effects the Eagles. I think they will do fine but it is gonna be a show (particularly if they start out slow).

7- Will Jimmy Graham be Jimmy Graham in Seattle?

All sign points to a decent sized stat drop for Graham. We have heard that he may even block 75% of plays? That is crazy and I think it will be hard for Graham to equal his Saints stats but I still think he puts up Pro Bowl numbers and is worth a fantasy play.

6- How will Lions do without Suh and Fairley?

I am gonna pass on Fairley being a big concern and just worry about the loss of Suh. Suh will be missed like all dominant defensive figures are. The Lions had the 2nd best defense last season and should drop a few spots even with Ngata now there. Ngata has to stay healthy and watch what he takes if the Lions have any hope of remaining a top defense.

5- What is the status of the 49ers?

San Fran was crushed by the retirements of multiple stars still in their prime. But the biggest loss is the force out of Jim Harbaugh by the owner and GM and moving Jim Tomsula to the top. This could get ugly unless Colin Kaepernick once again becomes an explosive weapon in the Bay area. Now Aldon Smith is in trouble again and may be released I have worries.

4- Can Rex Ryan succeed in Buffalo?

When coaches get fired at one spot and then quickly jump into another job I always think it could be a one and done situation. But I think Ryan has a chance to get the Bills to challenge the Pats finally. They have a defense made for him and also gets LeSean McCoy in the backfield. Ryan has a strong foundation, but until he finds a quarterback he might not be a big enough threat in the AFC East.

3- Was Suh worth it?

Suh again but this time this time it concerns his current team the Dolphins. I think he was worth the mega deal and not a Haynesworth-size mistake. I am just not sold on the Dolphins yet as a whole. Maybe it is Philbin or maybe it is Tannehill? I am not sure but they better make the playoffs.

2- Who is a former QB of their team after the season? Johnny Manziel of the Browns or Robert Griffin III of the Redskins?

Going to go with Manziel just because I think the ownership of the Redskins is slightly crazier than that of Browns. Plus, RG3 has done something to give the Redskins brass hope, and he will at least be starting this season.

1- Does Roger Goodell call out the first pick of the 2016 draft?

I don’t think he does and after the season he steps down as commissioner. He has support of a lot of owners it sounds like but the walls seem to be closing in on him with each suspension he hands down. But it is a lot of money to pass on by resigning. Haynesworth-size money.

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