Legal sports betting can be a fun way to make sports more interesting for the casual fan


When the term “sports betting” comes up in conversation most Americans, probably envision a scene from the Sopranos or some other mob related movie or TV show, but the reality is that sports betting is an entertaining activity that is legal and not in some morally grey area like many believe. Whether one is heading to a Vegas casino to make their bets or using one of the many online sports betting establishments, there are safe and secure options for American users.

Already in Canada, Europe and many other places around the world it is completely legal to bet on sporting events including many big American events. The NFL’s Super Bowl is not just the the ultimate event on the gridiron, but it’s supremacy is in the sports betting world as well as big money will come in around the world. The same is true with March Madness, the World Series, NBA Finals, and the rest of the premier events in this country. Most people already bet on these events on a casual level with an office pool for March Madness or Super Bowl squares, betting online just allows you to compete on a larger scale.

Where this really benefit American sports in general is it can allow even the most casual of fans to become invested in their contest. While sports in general have a huge market of fan consumers/viewers, there is still plenty of room for growth (yes even for the NFL). That growth can come from getting fans more invested in the product and the best way to do that is to allow them the opportunity to have a personal stake in it. Fantasy sports (much of which includes some sort of money or prize changing hands) has helped out the sports leagues with increased interest and viewership and has created it’s own mega business boom. Fantasy sports has tied fans not only to their own personal team they root for, but it’s also given them a stake in numerous other games they otherwise might not be watching.

Online sports betting can do the same thing for the leagues, as it will give casual fans an extra incentive to watch the games and check out information and stories online or in publications.  Whether your team is the favorite and you want to place a small wager on them, or your team is out of the race and you just want something to root for, there are plenty of reasons for the casual-to-die hard fan to be interested in sports betting. With just a little research and time, there are plenty of safe, secure places online to make wagers and get more involved in sports.

While there is money at risk and there will be those who over extend themselves, that fear is really overblown. Sports betting should be considered an entertainment/hobby, and unlike most hobby’s or things people do for entertainment you can actually make some money!

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