Five Reasons to Watch the Pro Bowl


1- None.  It’s the true answer.  No one should watch this mess of a game.

No one cares in the end and they are playing for nothing.  President Obama and Hulk Hogan could quarterback the teams and no one would know.  But for the sake of this I will give you four reasons to watch.    tolbert-pro-bowl

2- There is a good chance at some point 3-5 of your favorite teams’ players will be on a roster at some point.  Players drop out quickly when the game isn’t played in Hawaii.

Arizona is nice but is not Hawaii for sure.  I think every starting quarterback has been named to the rosters at some point.  Johnny Manziel will be on the field by the 3rd quarter at this rate.  Really, Andy Dalton is a Pro Bowler.  CJ Anderson started like 4 games and is now playing.  His stats were great for that time he did play but no one knew who he was in late October.  I guess that is a great story though.

3- They have gone the way of the fantasy draft to get your interest.  So fantasy fans have the upcoming draft to get all excited for.

Problem with the draft is one of the coaches they selected, Cris Carter.  Did you know he is a hall of famer?  Don’t worry he will probably draft each player saying this guy could one day join me in the Hall.  That is not a joke, I guarantee he does it.  Jerry Rice is the other coach I guess, at least with him he doesn’t have to remind you he is in Canton.  Who will get picked last?  My money is on Money Manziel if he makes the list in time.       criscarter

4- If you are a gambling lunatic the over/under is actually something that is fun to watch.

And when I mean lunatic you are the kind of person who puts Madden on computer vs computer and bets on that from Monday- Friday.  The number looks to be around 77 which I think is low.  I have to think one team drops 50+ in this one.  And with no Seahawks playing all the NFL’s great defenders are not going to be there.  And the game looks like it is a PK’em pre-draft.  So if you think Cris Carter or Jerry Rice is next Bill Polian jump now on that action.

5- Finally there is only one moment that matters from the history of the Pro Bowl.

And the hope they re-show it on the telecast. Enjoy!



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