Week 17 NFL Rewind

NFL Observations
J.J. Watt

1. For most of the 1pm games it looked like no one wanted the final playoff spot in the AFC.     flacco

San Diego pulled off an unfortunate 180 from last week’s win in San Fran by losing to the Chiefs in a win and in game.  Baltimore struggled most of the afternoon versus the depleted Browns but used a big fourth quarter to win and advance.  San Diego really blew a huge opportunity similar to 2013.  But this time they lost to Chase Daniel and are going home for good.  Not a good day for the Chargers.

As for the KC Chiefs is it time to let Chase Daniel challenge Alex Smith in training camp?  I doubt Andy Reid will but it should be up for debate.  Baltimore backs in and will travel next weekend and try to pull of what they did two seasons ago.  They have fooled me before but I don’t think this season they will able to run the table on the road.

2.  The embarrassment in Washington is finally done.  Joking, they will probably have no trouble all off season doing laughable moves.

A laughable loss at home versus Dallas finished the season and now its decision time once again for Dan Snyder.  Everyone on the planet knows this time needs major changes.  I still can’t believe they plan to bring both Gruden and Griffin back.  Why?  The coach doesn’t want him here and pressing it another season is a huge mistake that will set them back more.

Training camp day one Gruden will want to go another direction at QB other than Griffin and it’s another media blitz.  This team is a mess and we will see what they do the next few weeks to try and get some credibility back.  But I have no confidence in any plans they have.

3. Division title games went off and one had a slight shocker.

Carolina went to Atlanta and smacked around the Falcons big time.  Probably a good thing for the league and its fans because Atlanta was a joke.  At least Carolina is playing decent now and c

ould easily win against the Cardinals this upcoming weekend.  Carolina has had a complete defensive result change this past month.  And Cam has bounced back from the car wreck quick.  I do like the Panthers next weekend to advance.

Not a shock but the Packers won at Lambeau against the Lions.  Why not a surprise?  Because Matt Stafford just doesn’t beat winning teams the road.  And they may lose Suh for next weekend’s matchup in Dallas.  Could be a quick one and down the way Dallas is playing.

4. My Regular Season Award Picks:

MVP- Tom Brady
Going with Brady because of the insane turnaround the Pats had behind his play.  What Spray Tan did in Dallas and Rodgers sick numbers could win, but I’m going with Brady.  I lobbied for JJ Watt but can’t do it.

Offensive Player of the Year- Aaron Rodgers      

J.J. Watt

Courtesy of Icon Sportswire

Numbers are too sick.  Romo got some late love but Spray Tan was why the Cowboys did what they did all season so I have him second.

Defensive Player of the Year- JJ Watt
Nothing needed to say.

Offensive Rookie- Odell Beckham Jr.
Just from the past month or so he wins it on that alone.

Defensive Rookie- Jadeveon Clowney Joking.  CJ Mosley.

Made the Pro Bowl and deserved it.

Coach of the Year- Bruce Arians
Edges out Jason Garrett, actually make them co-winners.

NFL’s Worst- Roger Goodell/ Dan Snyder


Final Hits

a. Remember this clip 2 years ago?
I do and I hated it then.  What a difference two years makes.

b. Tampa has the first pick and will they keep Jameis in FLA?  I think they need to consider it because it doesn’t look like there is a dominant first pick this year.  I will let Steve work on that.

c. Rex Ryan and Jim Harbaugh rolled off to gatorade showers in victory.  Both are done with their teams and both will have jobs quickly.  Harbaugh most likely to Michigan and Rex to TV unless someone goes crazy on a D coordinator deal for him.

d. By time you read Mike Smith will be out in Atlanta.  Wouldn’t be shocked if Arthur Blank goes hard for Gruden, not Jay.  Even though he is signed with ESPN forever.






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