Week 10 NFL Rewind & Monday Night Football Prediction


1. I have to start with the worst quarterback performance I can remember seeing.

Last season Josh Freeman played for the Vikings in New York against the Giants and was horrendous.  That was the worst I have seen until Thursday night.  Andy Dalton is the new victor because was as horrible as you can be.

Dalton’s stats don’t even show how bad he was as he missed receivers badly all night. AJ Green is back but that didn’t matter because he was blanketed by Joe Haden.  We talk a lot about the Bengals because we have no clue who this team is.  If you know, please let me know.

2.  For the record I wouldn’t have had Tony Romo make the trip to London.  He went and played well as the Cowboys got on track against the sorry Jags.

With the bye upcoming I thought, as many did as well, the Boys should be cautious with their QB.  He has a history now of back issues and reinjured it against the Skins.

Weeden was Dalton bad last week but I think they could have beaten the Jags with him.  Dallas is in a battle with the Eagles for the division so I understand why Garrett, or most likely Jerrah, wanted Romo on the field.  They obviously jokes about big game performances aside need Tony Romo for the stretch run so risking him was a mistake I think.

3.  One more QB who didn’t light up the box score to discuss and that is Colin Kaepernick.

His stats looked like Dalton and Weeden but he won a huge game in New Orleans.  He made a huge play hitting Crabtree on 4th down to save the day.

I think as I have said before the Niners roll from here.  They are getting Aldon Smith back and Navarro Bowman will soon follow.  I have no idea what the real deal is with Harbaugh but it seems certain he is gone after the season.  I bet the team rallies around that nut job and makes the playoffs.  Then anything can happen in the playoffs. Could we see the Seahawks and Niners as the wild cards?

4.  Quick Hitters

If the Cardinals are going to win the NFC West it may be without Carson Palmer.  They need him even though Arians believes in Drew Stanton, who could be carrying a 9-1 team to the end.
B. It seems like the Lions always play crazy games at home that Stafford somehow pulls it out.  Tough loss for the Dolphins who have a big one next versus Buffalo.
C. Quick college take.  I was about to push Nick Marshall into the Heisman mix then he coughed up the ball twice to maybe end Auburns chances.
D. Congrats to the Jets, as Rex Ryan said finally.  Pittsburgh came in rolling and the Jets struggling and what happens?  The Jets win.  Crazy league.
E.  I can’t see Adrian Peterson playing this year.  Sponsors ran from the Vikings when the reinstated him and I think they will again.  The pictures are too horrible.

5. Monday Night Prediction:             espnMNF

Even with the Sanchize back as a starter this game says Philly big versus a struggling Panthers D.  I think the Eagles win, but not by much as Sanchez keeps them in with 2 or 3 pickles.  Eagles 17-14.



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