Monday Week 8 NFL Rewind & MNF Prediction

1. The game I was most looking forward toSunday was the matchup between the Packers and Saints.  Green Bay came in on a roll and New Orleans was wobbling to stay in the NFC picture.  So what happens?     drewbrees

Of course, the Saints roll the Packers at home with a huge second half.  New Orleans looks to be back as the favorite in the NFC South now as Drew Brees got it rolling with the help of a huge game from Mark Ingram.  Ingram has run the ball strong all season before and after the hand injury.  If the Saints can play defense like they did after the first few Packer drives they could get right back in the NFC mix.

As for the Packers, after those first few drives it looked like it was going to be another monster effort from their offense and Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers looked like he was going to throw from 600 yards on a day where vet QBs put up crazy numbers.  Even with the Lions wild win in London I still feel Green Bay is the team in the end to win that division.  As long as the slant to Julius Peppers is not a regular part of their offense.

2. Speaking of the big monster crazy stats put up by vet QBs how about Tom Brady and Big Ben.

Brady started the day almost going perfect against the Bears and lighting up their sorry defense.  He found Gronk and found him regularly to torch Chicago for an easy win.  Any questions about Brady are now long gone and you have to like the addition of Brandon LaFell to his offense.  Since LaFell started seeing the field the Pats have been moving the football.  And once again the Pats look to be the class of the AFC East although the Dolphins and Bills are not fading like the last ten years.

Once Brady was done and Lamarr Houston was carted off the Pats home field, most of us got to see what Big Ben had in store for us.  Like Brady, Roethelisberger faced questions about his team’s offense but those were all answered at least for 3 hours Sunday.  Big Ben threw for over 500 yards and the Steelers got a huge win versus Indy.    If the Steelers can find that second receiver option like they did Sunday they could be scary.  Bell has become one of the best all-around backs and Brown one of the best wideouts in the league.  The AFC North is wide open once again.

3. Another huge game yesterday was the battle of one loss teams in Arizona.

The Cards pulled out a crazy late win in the desert crushing what sounded to be a ton of Eagles fans there.  Carson Palmer went over the top of the Eagles to knock roll the Cardinals into a solid lead in the West.  I am still not completely sold on Arizona but I should be now.  Bruce Arians is looking like a top coach in the league.  That is all I need to say on that.

As for the Eagles I do think this a crushing loss since it looked like they had this one won.  Foles is tossing picks and that has to be a concern since he didn’t throw any last season.  I never liked this Philly defense or any of the NFC ones so I thought it would be good enough to win the division still.  But they have to get it together now.  Two huge plays once again worked them.  I think their secondary is bad and the best QBs of the NFC won’t fear them at all.  So can they get a rush?  That is the question if they can’t get help by the trade deadline in the back end.

4. Quick Hitters

Going back toThursdayI have to say Denver showed they are the class of the AFC still to me.  The defense is getting better and when is Manning’s neck going to give?
B. Lamarr Houston gets the clown of the week award although he may be laughing after the contract the Bears gave him for one sack.  And that’s where he will end the season with.  At least Brian Orakpo gave us some solid on field audio for his half sack.
C. Was it offense pass interference or not in Cincy?  I think it was but the real problem is the new rules and all the flags being thrown.  It is out of hand and needs to be looked at again this offseason.  Dez Bryant will probably get 10 illegal contact calls tonight.
D. Golden Tate may be a shady character but he is having a monster year and keeping the Lions in the mix while Megatron watches.  Hide your wives but throw him the ball because he continues to make plays when you have to think the defenses are keying on him.
E. It’s crazy to think all the young quarterbacks who now look to be done in their current homes.  Geno Smith, EJ Manuel and Kirk Cousins feel like they were just drafted.  All three could be battling elsewhere to try and stay as starters in the league.


5.  Monday Night Prediction      espnMNF

Who is the idiot who makes the schedule and puts the Washington Redskins in prime time? They should just go by the Washington Generals once the sun goes down.  Dez Bryant should have a monster night if the Cowboys are willing to get away from the 534 carries Murray usually gets.  If I were the Cowboys I may have said Demarco’s ankle is acting up and get rest him here.  The only hope the Skins had went away when DeAngelo Hall’s achillies snapped.  I would put him out there on crutches to jabber at Dez.  Probably work better than the young corners he will be facing.

Dallas 31

Washington 10






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