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NFC Quarterback Grades

John Manuel

Dallas Cowboys
Tony Romo B+

Romo catches a lot of smack for his mistakes in key situations like in the Denver game but he is still one of the top signal callers in the league. This grade is for a healthy Romo though and it will be interesting to see if his back holdups all season.

Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Foles B+

Last season he was easily an A as he made the Pro Bowl. I took a step back a grade because I want to see what he does in his 2nd year as a starter now that the Eagles offense has been studied by NFL defensive coaches.

New York Giants
Eli Manning B

Was last season a fluke for Manning or where his career is headed? He played like a D but I am still confident he can get back to where he was just a couple seasons ago. The more I think about it, the NFC East is a crazy story when it comes to the QBs and what they will do this season.

Washington Redskins
Robert Griffin III B-

I could write 10 pages on him. He looked bad last season but his numbers weren’t that bad. He was amazing as a Rookie just like Foles was last season. Will this new drop back offense work for Griffin? I still think Gruden is smart enough to use RG3 in a system that makes him a huge weapon but can Griffin survive in that?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Josh McCown C+

We have to believe its McCown over Glennon here because Lovie keeps telling us that. McCown played very well last season with Chicago’s arsenal. Good news for McCown is that Tampa has a couple weapons of their own to help. Could I see him going back to the journeyman-type QB? Yes, then Glennon and his C+ grade will get their chance.

Atlanta Falcons
Matt Ryan B

Probably the grade that will make people question me most. I am not as huge on Ryan as others. They gave him all kinds of talent around him and he put up big numbers. But when those guys got hurt he suffered. Not calling a Matt Schaub demise but he is just not elite to me or close to that.

Carolina Panthers
Cam Newton B+

I think Cam is big time. Not as big time as his season at Auburn but maybe getting there. If he can keep the Panthers in the division mix and will it like last season he has to be considered in the MVP race. The organization did him no help in the off season but sometimes I feel Newton can be a one-man wrecking crew out there.

New Orleans Saints
Drew Brees A

Easy A grade for Brees who amazes with his offensive production every season. He even dropped his picks last season. He has Jimmy Graham back healthy and Brandin Cooks is the talk of Saints camp. Could he make a run at Manning’s TD record?

Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers A+

Winning and stats aside there is one reason I give Rodgers this grade. He just looks the most in control and confident every time he drops back. Even better than Brady or Manning to me. The Packers are always in the mix as long as Rodgers is behind center.

Minnesota Vikings
Matt Cassel D+

Just your basic spot holder until Bridgewater is ready which could be week one anyway. Just for laughs, Christian Ponder gets a solid D.

Detroit Lions
Matthew Stafford B

I am cool with Matt Stafford especially with what the Lions have put around him. I was even considering a B+ because I think the Dallas game last season changed many people’s feelings on Stafford. Keeping him a B until he gets his interceptions down.

Chicago Bears
Jay Cutler B

I have always backed Cutler in arguments but the best I can go is a B. Which I do think is fair. He has shown he can put up big numbers and he has won at times but this is a big season for Cutler coming off the new contract. Really needs to stay healthy also which has been a huge problem.

Seattle Seahawks
Russell Wilson A-

Check his stats for his first 2 years. Almost identical. 100 QB rating, 26/10 TD/Int, and around 3200 yards in each season. And consistently has won games including the big one. I don’t think you can ask more of a starter for his first two seasons. Better than Luck and Griffin.

San Francisco 49ers
Colin Kaepernick B

I watch those Kap 106 yard passing games and wonder if he is even a starter. Then he gets into the playoffs and goes off with huge plays and looks confident. No one in the league goes from a A grade to a D week to week. I do think he becomes more consistent this season though.

Arizona Cardinals
Carson Palmer B-

Can’t remember but I probably killed Palmer heading into last season. He ended up not as bad as I thought he would as I was sure he was in decline. Threw too many picks though and those will need to come down if he wants his team to contend in the NFL’s toughest division.

St. Louis Rams
Sam Bradford C+

He started off pretty good last season then as he always does he got hurt. Which left the Rams in a bad spot at QB. He could be a B or B+ which could be enough for the Rams to contend as early as this season. But do you trust him playing 16 games with a huge cap number? The Rams have a huge decision looming on Bradford.

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