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Indianapolis Colts v New York Giants

With the NFL Draft looming just around the corner, the excitement is really starting to build. Whether you are a certifiable “draftnik” who has been devouring every piece of information about the prospects for months now, or just a fan who has started to wonder what your team is going to do to try and build a Super Bowl winner, you can’t wait for the evening of May 8th when Roger Goodell steps to the podium and announces that the Texans (or perhaps the Falcons?) are “On the Clock”!

And like every other year, there is much discussion about who will be the #1 overall pick. True, there have been a number of years where there was a clear-cut choice for the #1 pick – even to the point where that particular player had been signed to a contract before the draft even commenced. But more often than not, there has been a lot of speculation as to who would go #1.

And that is certainly the case this year. Are the Texans going to go for a quarterback, and if so, who? Are they going to go defense and grab Jadeveon Clowney? Or … are they going to trade back, and then who will their trade partner pick?

One thing is for sure. Whenever people start to talk about the #1 overall pick, the discussion inevitably turns to the past and who ended up being #1 successes, and who ended up on the list of the overall #1 busts. So, we decided that we would throw in our two cents worth and offer up my list of the top 10 overall #1 picks that did not disappoint.

But first, a few parameters/disclaimers. In order to make this more relevant and, quite frankly, easier, I’m only going back as far as the 1967 draft, the first year of the AFL/NFL Combined Draft. Also, players from some of the more recent drafts were not considered because they haven’t had a sufficient body of work that competes with the careers of the others under consideration. And finally, you won’t find a guy on this list who had a career that was worthy of inclusion. But just on principle, I couldn’t include a murderer/felon who turned out to be a disgrace instead of a hero. Yeah, I know, that has nothing to do with a guy’s football talent. But hey – my list, my criteria!

Now, with that out of the way, let’s get started. My top 10 #1 Overall NFL draft picks, from bottom to top, are …

INTRO / #6-10 / #1-5



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