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Top 10 Thursdays: Top 10 Super Bowl Moments

Steve Shoup

What makes a Super Bowl “Moment”? Sometimes its a play, a series of plays, a quarter, or a player simply does something iconic. Now most Super Bowls, because the best two teams in the NFL are playing each other for the title, are usually close and exciting games. But not every Super Bowl has that iconic moment. So please note, this is not the Top 10 Best Super Bowl GAMES, because that would be a little bit different of a list and maybe one we’ll need to do someday. But for now, please enjoy our top 10 Super Bowl Moments…and tell us in the comments which moments we are missing!


# 10 – Super Bowl VII – Garo Yepremian’s “pass” in the undefeated Dolphins 14-7 win over the Redskins

The Dolphins placekicker wound up with the ball after a blocked field goal attempt and he decided to try and throw it.  Bad idea – it resulted in him fumbling the ball into the hands of Redskins DB Mike Bass who took it 49 yards to the house for Washington’s only score.  The Dolphins totally controlled this game, so the significance of this play could be argued.  But we just had to have a “blooper” one on this list!



# 9 – Super Bowl X – WR Lynn Swann makes several amazing acrobatic catches in Super Bowl X, including one for a touchdown, to help lead the Steelers to a 21-17 win over the Cowboys

Remember this catch?


# 8 – Super Bowl XLIV – The Saints surprise the Colts with their successful onside kick to start the 3rd quarter

Trailing 10-6 at the start of the 2nd half and facing the prospect of giving the ball to Peyton Manning and the Colts to start the half, Sean Payton makes a gutsy call to go for the onside kick. He turned out to be a genius and the Saints moved right down the field to score a touchdown to take the lead.  It was a spark that played a significant role in helping the Saints to prevail.



# 7 – Super Bowl XXII – The Redskins score 35 unanswered points in the 2nd quarter to propel their 42-10 victory over the Broncos

Quarterback Doug Williams throws 4 touchdown passes in the quarter and goes on to win the game’s MVP Award.


# 6 – Super Bowl XXV – “Wide Right” – Buffalo’s Scott Norwood misses a 47-yard field goal attempt with seconds remaining, allowing the Giants to get the 20-19 win

While the Bills would go on to play in the next three Super Bowls, this was the closest they came to winning one.


# 5 – Super Bowl III – Joe Namath Signaling #1

The Jets beat the Colts in SB III.  The result and the effect of the result are epitomized by Joe Namath running off the field at the conclusion of SB III signaling that the AFL Jets were #1 after he and his team delivered on his guarantee that they would win the game.  It’s an iconic moment that had an iconic meaning.


# 4 – Super Bowl XLIII – James Harrison’s 100-yard interception return for a touchdown against the Cardinals (longest scoring play in Super Bowl history) or Santonio Holmes amazing 6-yard TD reception to win the game…your choice!

The Cardinals were at the Steelers two-yard line with time running down in the 2nd quarter.  Kurt Warner attempted a quick slant pass and Harrison stepped in front of it at the goal line and began his long, weaving, tackle-breaking return which turned out to be the last play of the 1st half.

Some may argue that the play was overshadowed by Santonio Holmes’ amazing  6-yard TD reception with 35 seconds left in the game to give the Steelers the win.  The Harrison play amounted to a 14-point swing that may have had more to do with the Steelers coming out on top than any other play in the game.  But Holmes’ TD won the game and both were the “moments” of Super Bowl XLIII!


# 3 – Super Bowl XLII – “The David Tyree Catch”

Trailing 14-10 against the undefeated Patriots, the scrappy Giants were faced with a 3rd and 5 at their own 44 yard line and just 1:15 remaining in the game.  Eli Manning made a scrambling, almost desperation pass deep downfield where Tyree made a spectacular leaping catch by pinning the ball to his helmet as he fell to the ground. The catch set up the game-winning touchdown pass from Manning to Plaxico Burress a few plays later.


# 2 – Super Bowl XXIII – Joe Montana’s “John Candy” drive to win the Super Bowl

Montana led the 49ers on a 92-yard, 11-play drive culminating in a 10-yard TD pass to John Taylor with 34 seconds left in the game to give San Francisco a 20-16 win over the Bengals.  The story goes that Montana tried to break the tension in the huddle at the start of the drive by pointing out to his teammates where comedian/actor John Candy was sitting in the stands nearby.


# 1 – Super Bowl XXXIV – The Rams stop the Titans at the 1-yard line on the last play of the game to seal their 23-16 win over Tennessee

Too cliché to title this one “The Longest Yard”, huh?  We just felt that it was hard to beat this one on the drama factor.



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