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Predicting the Prop Bets for Super Bowl 48

John Manuel

Here are some Super Bowl XLVIII Prop Bets & my predictions below. What are your predictions? You can answer the polls on our Super Bowl 48 page!


Will it snow during the game?


YES- +300 (3/1)
NO  -500  (1/5)
I would take the YES for sure.  Its gonna snow.  It’s been that kind of winter.


If Renee Fleming wears gloves during the National Anthem what color will they be?

White 5/4
Black 3/2
Red 4/1
Other 3/1
Tempted to go big payout on red but thinking black here is the smart choice. 


Will Knowshon Moreno cry during national anthem?

Yes 4/1
No 1/7
No way he would again?  But I think he weeps like a baby!  Take it at 4/1 


How many times will Eli Manning be shown on TV? –  Over under 3.5

Going over. 2 for being a Manning, 2 for being the QB who plays at Met Life.


How many times will the 12th man be said during the game? –  Over/Under 2.5

Take under.  Probably will be mentioned early once, maybe twice, but the game is not in Seattle.


Will the announcers mention Russell Wilson being drafted in MLB?

Yes +150-  take this!  Joe Buck does baseball and the Super Bowl is long, and plenty of time to mention. 


Which song will Bruno Mars play first?

Going Locked out of Heaven at 3/1.  Think it has that starter feeling.


TV Rating for the game?  Over/Under Nielsen Rating of 47%

I don’t know crap about the Nielsen rating but going over for sure.  Best matchup + Manning + Craziness of Sherman’s past 2 weeks.


Longest touchdown of the game – Over/Under 42.5

Going over-  Seattle seems to get some big plays.  Also I think Holliday could take one to the house for the Broncos in this game.


Shortest Touchdown of the game Over/Under 1.5

Going under!  Sherman gets a PI in the end zone! Moreno or Ball in from one.  Although Lynch could easily do this also.


Special Teams Touchdown – +160 or 8/5 

Yes – Taking this.  Seattle coverage has been great but I think Holliday or Harvin bust one.


Total Penalties in the game 12.5

Take under.  Terry McAualey lets the players play 


Will the Seahawks convert a 4th down?  +150

Love this one and not just because of the play versus San Fran.  Both teams will be nervous to use the kickers if the weather is sketchy.   


Will Percy Harvin be injured in the game and announced he won’t return?  Can’t believe this is legit.

Yes!  at 2/1.  Double our money!  Dude is made of graham crackers 


Longest rush by Marshawn Lynch- 19.5 yards

Going over.  Always seems to break one at some point during the game 


First Touchdown –  Will take a couple here I like:

Wes Welker 9-1   
Julius Thomas 12-1 – shocked he is this high 
Montee Ball 16-1 


Super Bowl MVP?

Have a feeling Seattle wins, even though I am personally pulling for Denver.  Only person on Seattle I would be OK being MVP is Russell Wilson at 15/4.  
Richard Sherman 25/1 – Odds too good to pass up.  Could be a Ray Lewis type MVP pick.


Here’s some more I added that would be fun:


How many times Richard Sherman’s 3.9 GPA is mentioned or he graduated from Stanford?

Over/Under 3.5 


Will they show the John Elway flying spin from the Broncos/ Packers Super Bowl?

I say YES. 


Will any of these NY/NJ celebs be shown during game?

Donald Trump 10/1 
Jay Z 5/1 
Chris Christie 7/1 
Bruce Springsteen 20/1 
Bon Jovi 40/1 


Will Richard Sherman’s failed PED test be mentioned?



Speaking of PEDs will Joe Buck find a way to mention A-Rod or Bieber during the game?

25-1 that he does 



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