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Monday NFL Rewind – Another Dallas Collapse

My thoughts from this week in the NFL:

Overpaid NFL Player Tony Romo

1.  There is a lot to talk about when it comes to the Green Bay vs. Dallas matchup.

Dallas needing a win got the Packers at home and without Aaron Rodgers.  But unlike their rival the Eagles they were unable to take advantage of a Green Bay backup quarterback.  Matt Flynn joined a group of quarterbacks who have now lit up the Dallas defense.  We know the Dallas defense is bad but the talk will be about why Dallas up for most of the second half got away from running the football.  When Dallas ran they had success but they chose not to run down the stretch and it costs them with a defeat.  Not sure who is calling the plays for the Cowboys?  Garrett, Callahan, Romo, Jerrah?  But it was a huge blunder and a bigger loss.

As for Tony Romo it is almost unreal how this seems to happen to him on the big stage.  Dallas should ban Joe Buck, Jim Nantz and Al Michaels from AT&T Stadium from now on.  And if Jason Garrett is correct that Romo changed the play into a pass which led to an interception they have reached a new level.  I know I am joining the Dallas crushing this morning like many others, but they deserve it by losing at home to a depleted Packers team.  As for Dez Bryant leaving the field, it should shock no one.  Bryant is an unreal talent but his lack of maturity always shows up even when he goes out and has a big game.

2.  For the second straight season Oakland Raider fans got to see fantasy football gold on their home field.

Last season it was Doug Martin who thrashed their defense for a monster game for fantasy owners.  Sunday they got to see Jamaal Charles go for over fifty fantasy points and most likely single-handily won every owner’s playoff games.  The good news for the Chiefs is their offense seems to making bigger plays than it did the first half of the season.  Jamaal Charles ran his way into the MVP debate although Manning will be tough to overcome.

The bad news is that the Chiefs defense is not playing as it did the first half of the season.  Although it forced turnovers after giving up yards in Oakland.  Kansas City will most likely have to go on the road in the playoffs unless they can overtake the Broncos.  My biggest fear with the Chiefs is that they would get into the playoffs and Alex Smith and the offense would stall.  I now have some more confidence that they can move the ball and score points.

3.  Seattle got another step closer to clinching home field throughout the playoffs but shutting out the Giants in New York.

The Seattle defense dominated the Giants and Eli Manning all day after coming off the loss in San Fran the week before.  Much will be made if a team like the Niners can go into Seattle and win when giving the shot.  Their last two visits there have been ugly and it was only two weeks ago that the New Orleans Saints saw the same results as the Niners.

The team that I would most like to see get a crack in Seattle are the Carolina Panthers.  The Panthers should be able to go toe to toe defensively with the Seahawks.  But the one reason I think they could go up there and win is because of Cam Newton.  I think Newton has that much talked about swagger to go up there and play well, not be intimidated and make enough plays to keep it close unlike San Fran and New Orleans.  Even though they lost in New Orleans last week I think that was a good learning experience for Newton.  And I think he can overcome the 117 decibels or the pumped in crowd noise.  I would still favor the Seahawks but I think it will be their toughest challenge.

4.  MNF Prediction:

Not #10, but half of the equation, Flacco makes the list.

As for tonight.  Both teams need a win to keep pace in the playoff race.  Baltimore did what they needed to do and won three straight at home.  Detroit has been up and down recently but are back in the dome for tonight’s game.  I just have a feeling this is a Calvin Johnson 200 yard type receiving game.

Detroit 31
Baltimore 16



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