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NFL Power Rankings Week 13

1. Seattle Seahawks-russellwilson (1)

-The Seahawks were off this past week, but didn’t have much go their way. The 49ers and Cardinals both won keeping them alive in the West. The Saints also won, which makes this game between them and the Seahawks for 1st place in the NFC. Though Seattle should have the advantage they need to play their best football if they want to beat the Saints.

2. Denver Broncos-

-Really rough loss by the Broncos at New England this past week. While many will want to talk about Peyton Manning’s struggles in this game, really this game was lost due to a bad special teams mistake. Denver is still a great football team and likely the top seed in the AFC.

3. New Orleans Saints-

-It was closer than they wanted but the Saints beat the Falcons last Thursday night, and now get ready to face the Seahawks. If the Saints can win this game they are in the top spot for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. They still need to be worried about the Panthers later in the year, but this week’s game is crucial.

4. New England Patriots-

-The tale of two halves. First half the Patriots looked awful, like they didn’t even belong on the same field as the Broncos, but they turned it on in the second half and took the lead. With their overtime win over the Broncos the Patriots are in a great spot for the 2nd seed in the AFC and now hold the tie breaker over the Broncos if they fall again.

5. Kansas City Chiefs-

-Disappointing loss for the Chiefs at home, especially as they now need to face Denver on the road. They are pretty much a lock for a playoff spot, but if they don’t win on the road here there chances for the division are going to be slim.

6. Carolina Panthers-

-It wasn’t the prettiest win for the Panthers this year, but once again they showed the ability to go on a late 4th quarter game winning drive. Carolina’s defense can take them pretty far and their offense looks pretty good as well.

7. Cincinnati Bengals-

-The Bengals were off and it comes at a good time as they face a tough schedule down the stretch with starting off with a road game versus the Chargers this week. The Bengals have the lead in this division,but they can’t afford any missteps coming up.

8. Indianapolis Colts-

-This was an ugly game for the Colts, but it’s hard to get too down on a team that has beaten the Seahawks, Broncos and 49ers this year. Indianapolis has lost two of their last three games, but they still should win this division and could be looking at another 10 or 11 win year.

9. San Francisco 49ers-

-The 49ers demolished the Washington Redskins Monday night to stay even with the Cardinals for 2nd place in the West and the 6th playoff spot. The 49ers defense continued their dominance and even their passing attack showed signs of life.

10. Arizona Cardinals-

-It’s time to take the Cardinals seriously. They not only beat the Colts, but they completely dominated them. Their defense is one of the best in the league and their passing attack has really been picking it up of late.

11. Dallas Cowboys-

-This was a huge win for Dallas. Not only does it put them atop the division, but it pretty much locks in every tie breaker for them over the Eagles. If the Cowboys can beat the Redskins in a couple weeks, the Eagles will need to have a better record than Dallas to win the division. Dallas has a short week but with Oakland coming to town it should be a good week for the Cowboys.

12. Philadelphia Eagles-

-The Eagles didn’t play and did see the Cowboys even up the record (with Dallas holding the tie-breaker), but Philadelphia is still in a solid position for the division. They have a tough game this week versus the Cardinals and they could  use a Raiders upset win over Dallas on Thanksgiving.

13. Detroit Lions-

-The Lions literally gave this game away as they had multiple crucial turnovers that changed the tide of this game. This was unacceptable for the Lions at home against a team like Tampa and it kept the Bears and Packers in the hunt for the division.

14. Chicago Bears-

-This was a tough loss for the Bears as they came in facing a struggling a team with a back-up quarterback. With the Packers struggling, Chicago had a prime chance to really put themselves in the running for the division and remain in the wild card hunt. The Bears defense really collapsed in this game and they weren’t able to get this crucial win.

15. San Diego Chargers-

-The Chargers came away with a huge upset win over the Chiefs on the road. They were able to move the ball effectively against the Chiefs defense and kept their playoff hopes alive.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers-

-Pittsburgh dominated the Browns on Sunday and had a nice complete win as they head to Baltimore Thursday night. Pittsburgh is playing even better football than the last time they faced off when the Steelers won at home. If Pittsburgh wins this game they could have a real shot of a wild card spot.

17. Baltimore Ravens-

-The Ravens defense really came up big versus the Jets on Sunday, showing once again that they are at a playoff level. Offensively the Ravens didn’t do much, which will have to change if Baltimore wants to beat the Steelers at home on Thursday night.

18. Green Bay Packers-

-The Packers turned to Matt Flynn on Sunday and he brought them back to tie the game. Unfortunately they couldn’t get the win, even against a weak Vikings team at home. While it’s easy to blame the QB situation, we’ve seen plenty of back-up QB’s win games this year under far tougher circumstances.

19. St. Louis Rams-

-Rams got their 5th win of the year over the Chicago Bears and showed that this team will be competitive regardless of the fact they are playing a back-up QB. They have a tough schedule ahead and could struggle to get more than one more win.

20. Tennessee Titans-

-The Titans squeaked out a last second victory over  the Raiders on Sunday keeping them alive in the playoff race. These next three weeks will be tough as Tennessee faces the Colts and Broncos on the road and the Cardinals at home.

21. Miami Dolphins-

-You have to give the Dolphins credit for playing well and having the Panthers on the ropes, but they collapsed down the stretch and they fell under .500. Miami is a good team, but just isn’t able to close out games this year.

22. New York Giants-

-The Giants 4 game run came to an end, but they still played good football and were it it down to the wire. The Giants have a rough stretch these last five games with them heading on the road to San Diego and Detroit and a home game with the Seahawks. They do have two games against the Redskins which look pretty winnable at this point.

23. Buffalo Bills-

-A bye week for the Bills could help them recharge for a 4 game run versus the Falcons, Buccaneers, Jaguars and Dolphins. All of those games are winnable for Buffalo and if they sweep them it would ensure a .500 season

24. New York Jets-

The growing pains are pretty evident for the Jets and Geno Smith, but he’s getting little support on offense. The line is falling apart and the Skill guys just aren’t very good.

25. Cleveland Browns-

-Ugly loss for the Browns as their offense was just manhandled by the Steelers defense. Josh Gordon came to play, but beyond him they don’t have much to be excited about offensively.

26. Oakland Raiders-

-Rough loss for the Raiders on Sunday, but that is to be expected given just how thin this team is. The Raiders don’t quit though, and will look to surprise the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-

-The Bucs have played really good football since November started and while they are heading into a real rough stretch they have probably done enough to keep Coach Schiano employed. Mike Glennon has played extremely well of late and the Bucs may have found their QB of the future.

28. Minnesota Vikings-

-The Vikings played well enough to beat the Packers in Green Bay, and did come away with a tie, but couldn’t finish the game. Ponder is clearly the best quarterback on this team and should remain the starter for the rest of the year. His receivers need to help him out more if they want a couple more wins.

29. Atlanta Falcons-

-The Falcons are just missing too much this season and don’t figure to be too competitive from here on out. Atlanta does have three winnable games over the next three weeks, but this team will struggle to get more than 4 or 5 wins.

30. Houston Texans-

-How bad has it gotten for the Texans? The Jaguars are beating them and they can’t do a thing about it. Houston is in real trouble this year and it is likely they will be cleaning house when this season is over. They do get a redemption game against the Jaguars the week after next.

31. Washington Redskins-

-“If you can’t spot the sucker spot the sucker at the table in the first half hour, then you ARE the sucker” – Rounders. Each week that quote is more and more appropriate for the Washington Redskins as they might continue to deny how bad it has gotten, but the reality is this is a bad football team who isn’t a lock to beat any other team in the NFL. Dysfunction is everywhere with this team right now, and according the the graphic shown on Monday Night Football no team has trailed more this season than the Washington Redskins. The worst part is they won’t even be able to cash in with a first round pick come May.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars-

-The Jaguars pick up their second win, and technically aren’t in position for the top pick of the draft anymore, but they are still probably the most incomplete team in the NFL. It’s going to take a major rebuilding process this offseason to fix this team.

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