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NFL Superlatives at Over Half Way Point of Season

John Manuel


NFL MVP:    Divisional Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v Denver Broncos

1- Peyton Manning 
The team is winning and his stats are unbelievable.  It would be hard to go with someone else here in this spot.  For Manning the regular season MVP will be nice, but I think it’s another Super Bowl MVP he cares about.  Without John Fox now for awhile Manning will need to show even more leadership.  Could he be eligible for Coach of the Year also?

2- Calvin Johnson 
The Dallas game was enough alone to rank him right below Manning as he has shown he is just as valuable as Peyton.  Just check the Green Bay he didn’t play in.  Matthew Stafford and the Detroit offense went nowhere that week with Megatron on the sidelines.

3- Jimmy Graham 
I was going with Drew Brees or here but then switched to Graham.  Brees has been Brees but Jimmy Graham has taking his game to a new level.  Long gone are the days of tight ends like Graham facing safeties as Graham each week finds himself against the Talibs’ and Cromarties’ of the NFL.


AFC Offensive Player:

1- Peyton Manning
Said it all when I endorsed him for MVP but this is more about stats and the stats don’t lie.  Could he beat the Brady touchdown and Rodgers QB rating records this season?

2- Jamaal Charles 
So much is put on Charles back in the Kansas City offense.  Alex Smith can’t go downfield with the ball so teams can focus on Charles.  Add to that he is their best receiver puts in the mix for the award but as a distant second.


NFC Offensive Player:    megatron

1- Calvin Johnson 
He may not put up the receiving yards he did last season but he is best offensive player still in the NFC.  Actually maybe he will?  But only in 15 games this time.

2- Jimmy Graham 
He is putting up All- Pro wide receiver numbers at the tight end spot.  Kind of surprising that I don’t have a running back or quarterback in my top two.

3- Drew Brees 
Pretty much doing Brees does every season so that always has him in the mix for any offensive award.


AFC Defensive Player:

1- Robert Mathis 
Everyone expected Mathis to drop off at his age and without Dwight Freeney but he hasn’t at all and should make a run at the sack record.

2- JJ Watt 
Still the most disruptive player in the NFL and although the Texans have struggled Watt doesn’t stop at all.

3- Justin Houston 
We have to have a Chief here as the team defense has been the reason they have only loss one game.  Derrick Johnson has been great also.


NFC Defensive Player:

1- Richard Sherman 
I hate to do this because I can’t stand Sherman.  He is annoying but right now he is playing the best defense in the NFC.

2- Sean Lee 
He has the tackles and he has the interceptions to make this list.  Only issue is the Cowboys team defense isn’t the same as the Seahawks. And he’s out now, but he’ll be back and could help the Cowboys’ stretch run.

3- Ndamukong Suh 
He will always have a tough time getting respect but I think now he has earned it.


Offensive Rookie:      jordanreed

1- Eddie Lacy 
He has given the Packers a run game they have not had since….who knows?  Dorsey Levens?

2- Giovani Bernard 
Run versus the Dolphins almost catapults him over Lacy which could happen by seasons end.

3- Jordan Reed 
Coming on as a huge part of the Redskins offense and one of the few positives for the Redskins this season.


Defensive Rookie:

1- Kiko Alonso 
Every time I see the Bills play he is making plays.  Probably makes some rookie errors but seems to be everywhere all the time.

2- Star Loutelei 
Been solid helping the Panthers become one of the league’s best defenses.

3- Kenny Vaccaro 
The change in the Saints defense has been a major story this season and rookie Vaccaro has been a major contributor.


NFL Coach of the Year:       andyreidchiefs

1- Andy Reid 
To go from the worst record to 9-1 at this point makes Reid an easy call for coach of the year.  Almost as easy of a call as Manning as MVP.

2- Sean Payton 
Check last season’s Saints and this season’s team, and that is all you need to do to see Payton’s impact.

3- Ron Rivera 
Rivera is a defensive guy and the Panthers are playing great defense this season as the finally sit with a winning record.



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