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NFL Power Rankings: Week 12

1. Seattle Seahawks:

-The Seahawks dominated this past week and are the team to beat in the NFC. They have a bye this week, but then host the Saints and head to San Francisco in what should be the two biggest games of the year for them.

2. Denver Broncos:

-Big win for the Broncos over the Chiefs and it puts them back atop the AFC. Denver suffered some injuries in this game, but should be good to go against the Patriots this week.

3. New Orleans Saints:

-It wasn’t as pretty as their win the week before over the Cowboys, but the Saints managed to walk away with the “W” after the 49ers game. New Orleans is going to be very dangerous the rest of the way and look to try to pass the Seahawks for home field advantage in the playoffs.

4. Kansas City Chiefs:

-Yes the Chiefs lost, but they still played the Broncos as well as anyone with the exception of the Colts and they did it in Denver. When the Broncos come to Kansas City in a couple weeks you shouldn’t count the Chiefs out of it.

5. Indianapolis Colts:

-Colts had to come from behind over the Titans, but that is nothing new to Andrew Luck and this football team. They have pretty much locked up the AFC South and are now playing for seeding.

6. Carolina Panthers:

Courtesy of ICON SMI.

Courtesy of ICON SMI.

-Back-to-back huge wins for this Panthers football team. Their defense plays inspired football and Cam Newton is making great decisions with the football and is playing the best he has in his career.

7. Cincinnati Bengals:

-It wasn’t always pretty, but the Bengals managed a big win over the Browns creating some distance between them and everyone else in the division. Andy Dalton though had a poor game and that is a concern for this team down the stretch.

8. New England Patriots:

-The Patriots lost on a controversial call, but the Panthers played them really well throughout (and no guarantee they could have gotten the TD). New England has struggled to win versus some of the better defenses they’ve faced this year and will have their hands full as the Broncos and Peyton Manning come to town this week.

9. San Francisco 49ers:

-back-to-back losses for the 49ers for the 2nd time this season. Similar to the Panthers game, the 49ers had their opportunities and couldn’t finish against the Saints. San Francisco is still a very good football team, but they now are in a very competitive fight for one of the two wild card spots.

10. Detroit Lions:

-The Lions are still atop the NFC North, but a tough loss in Pittsburgh really hurts this team going forward.  The Steelers shut them down in the 2nd half and gave other teams a blueprint on how to possibly beat them. Luckily the Lions remaining schedule isn’t too tough so they should still be in a good spot for the post season.

11. Chicago Bears:

-Josh McCown continues to play well for the Bears as he helped Chicago get by the Ravens in Sunday’s home win. How long he can keep playing this way is a fair question, but with the weapons he has he has a chance. Chicago’s next two games are very winnable and could help put the Bears in a great position to make the postseason this year.

12. Arizona Cardinals:

-The Cardinals are probably the best team that no one is talking about this year. They have improved to 6-4 behind a top defense and an improving offense. They have a tough schedule down the stretch, but should at least finish .500.

13. Philadelphia Eagles:

-Nick Foles is playing excellent football for the Eagles and Philly is now in first place in the NFC East. It will be a tough battle between them and Dallas, but if Foles keeps playing like this they have a real good shot to win the division.

14. Miami Dolphins:

-Dolphins kept fighting and beat the Chargers despite the adversity surrounding the team. Their loss though the week before still stings as it would have put them in the drivers seat for a wild card spot.

15. Dallas Cowboys:

Dallas was off and has hopefully rested up, because with the Eagles win they are no longer atop the division. The Cowboys head to NY to face the Giants this week, and really could use a win here. A win in New York gives the Cowboys 4 division wins on the year, and will make it very tough for the Eagles to have the divisional record tie breaker over Dallas.

16. New York Jets:

-Very disappointing loss for the Jets coming off the bye. Had they beaten the Bills and with the Patriots loss they would have been in a good position to steal this division. Now they are in a fight for a wild card spot.

17. Green Bay Packers:

-The injuries have piled up for the Packers and while they still had a shot with Aaron Rodgers at the helm this team is going to struggle down the stretch.

18. Baltimore Ravens:

-The Ravens just weren’t the same team after the weather delay in Chicago and lost a tough game in overtime. One week after an impressive win over the Bengals, the Ravens drop a tough one. This team needs to show consistency if they want to steal the division or a wild card spot.

19. Pittsburgh Steelers:

-Steelers played their best game of the year in their win over the Lions. With as screwed up as the AFC North has been this year and the 6th wild card race, Pittsburgh is still very much in the playoff picture. Early losses to the Titans, Vikings and Raiders though will haunt the Steelers this season.

20. San Diego Chargers:

-Disappointing loss for the Chargers. They’ve now lost a couple of games in recent weeks (Redskins as well) where they should have come in and won,but couldn’t put the game away. The Chargers defense remains an issue and what should be the focal point of the offseason.

21. New York Giants:

-The first couple of Giants wins looked like flukes, but on Sunday they played a great game. Maybe it would have been different with Aaron Rodgers, but the Giants are starting to have a nice turn around. They still have a shot at the division, but more realistically will be like a 7-9 team.

22. St. Louis Rams:

-Rams are coming off a bye week, but their schedule is brutal for the final 6 weeks (CHI, SF, ARI, NO, TB, SEA), tough to see them winning more than one game the rest of the way.

23. Cleveland Browns:

-Major let down offensively by the Browns. They had the chance to jump out to a 21-0 lead against the Bengals, but their offense stalled twice early on. Later their offense (and special teams) had too many turnovers that allowed the Bengals to win this game easily.

24. Tennessee Titans:

-Had the lead on their division rivals the Colts last Thur. now have a long week to figure out how they let it slip away. Defense still playing well, offense needs to be more consistent.

25. Buffalo Bills:

-Big win by the Bills and was a game they desperately needed. Still need to see them go out and do it consistently though. The good news is they look to have a strong corps of guys going forward, they just need to fix a few areas.

26. Oakland Raiders:

-Definitely didn’t see that coming from the Raiders, but you have to be impressed that this team with a significant dead cap hit this year and the injuries piling up has found a way to win 4 games this year.

27. Houston Texans:

-The Texans blew a chance to win on Sunday, but this team continues to be in more games than their record reflects. It’s still not a good overall football team right now, but they are closer than the teams below them.

28. Minnesota Vikings:

-The Vikings suffered a bad loss to the Seahawks and couldn’t capitalize on their win the week before over the Redskins. Outside of running back Adrian Peterson the Vikings can’t count on anyone on offense and it is making it really hard for them to be competitive in games.

29. Washington Redskins:

-The Redskins are just collapsing week-in-week-out. After a horrible 2nd half collapse against the Vikings, the Redskins forgot to show up for the first three quarters against their division rival the Eagles. The Redskins are having too many all-around failures and have yet to come close to playing a full 60 minutes at a high level.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

-The Buccaneers have actually played better of late and do now have back-to-back wins. The running game seems to be working regardless of who the back is and Mike Glennon is playing pretty solid football. This team still has plenty of issues, but it wouldn’t be shocking to see them get a couple more wins before the year is out.

31. Atlanta Falcons:

-This is a year to forget for the Falcons and Matt Ryan. Just about everything that could go wrong has gone wrong on offense and the defense has underperformed as well. The good news is they could be a prime trading spot in the draft and could elicit an RGIII type of package from some team desperate for a quarterback.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars:

-The Jaguars may not go winless this season, but it’s tough to bet on them winning any more than one game this season. They are suffering major failures in all three phases of the game and just can’t get anything going consistently each week. They should definitely end up with the top pick in next May’s draft.

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