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Monday NFL Rewind – The NFC North Battle & More

Here are my thoughts on the top NFL stories this week:


1.  Actually going to jump into the Dolphins/ Jonathan Martin/ Ritchie Incognito mess this week since it has been the main NFL discussion.

First of all Incognito is a bad guy, he was a bad guy at Nebraska, at Oregon, at the Rams and with the Dolphins.  As for Martin maybe he should have confronted Incognito but I can understand why he did what he did.  Simply put Incognito threatened his life no matter if he meant it or not.  I think a lot of the Incognito defenders should be careful like Mike Ditka who calls Martin a baby.  Maybe Martin doesn’t have the “football mentality” but I think guys like Ditka should hold back until all the details of the past 18 months come out from calling Martin a baby.

As for the Dolphins I can almost guarantee that Joe Philbin and Jeff Ireland do not survive this.  It’s not going to get any better and only can get worse from here once Martin details what he went through.  The Dolphins are in full protect the organization mode and every day we get more details of idiotic decisions and a failure to fix inside issues.  Did Philbin know this was going on?  Maybe not to an extent but had to know some of it?  It doesn’t help also that the team had to pay off a female volunteer who was harassed by Incognito at a team function.  Yes, a team function.  Incognito, Philbin, Ireland and others will need to go.


2.  Before the season I had some promise in the Buffalo Bills.  Not as a playoff team but one that could make some noise.

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

That is far from happening and the Bills are no different than the past ten years.  I know rookie EJ Manuel has been out injured but his return today was not pretty against a struggling Steelers defense.

I thought Doug Marrone’s NFL experience with the Saints would be a plus but I am confused what he is doing with one of his playmakers.  CJ Spiller has been disappointing most of the season as he has limped through it.  But last week he showed exactly what many expected so this week would have been a good one to keep it going.  But the Bills stayed in their platoon of running backs and Spiller and the Buffalo offense never got it going.  Spiller needs to keep getting the ball and not swapped with Fred Jackson.  Jackson ended up with the better day statistically but he is not the future in Buffalo.  Now you have to wonder if Spiller still is also?


3. The NFC North changed last Monday night when Aaron Rodgers went down versus the Bears.

Green Bay struggled at home against the Eagles with Scott Tolzien taking over for Rodgers and Seneca Wallace.  It’s going to be tough for the Packers to weather the storm now with Rodgers out which left the door open for the Bears and Lions.

The Lions stepped up and got a huge win in Chicago and now look like the favorites.  Although they looked like the Lions committing four personal fouls but were still able to make a huge stop at the end.  I hated both calls the Bears had on the two point conversion.  First they threw with Marshall and Jeffrey on the sidelines and then ran when both of them were back in?  Horrible calls by Chicago.  And what are they going to do at quarterback.  It’s obvious that Josh McCown is playing better that Cutler but it would be hard to bench Cutler if he can play.  Chicago is kinda in a pickle at QB for this season and for the future also.


4.  Quick Hitters

A. Nick Foles is rolling but is it more great decisions or luck?  When he can step up he just tosses it long.  The last two weeks defenders have struggled to make plays and it results in touchdowns.  It’s working but maybe better defenders will slow down the Eagles.

B. Shock of the day was the Rams over the Colts big.  I have no explanation how this happened but maybe the Colts were due for a beatdown.  Other than that Tavon Austin was also due for a big day, that’s all I got.

C. Carolina is for real.  Their defense is as good as it gets right now.  And Cam can make plays when he needs to.  They were quiet most of the day but Newton made enough plays to beat San Fran with a huge win.

D. Important win for Baltimore today.  Lose and they were probably done.  Now they are right back in it.

E. The Jags won.  Took advantage of early Titans miscues and held on late.  Congrats to those fellas.


5.  Can the Bucs join them?  MNF Prediction:

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Game really sucks other than everyone wants to see how Miami comes out after a week of hell.  The Bucs and Schiano have had a season of hell so they know what the Dolphins are going through.

I got.  Tampa 24  Miami 16



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