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NFL Monday Rewind – Bucs Almost Shock the Seahawks

Here are my thoughts from this week’s top NFL stories:

1. We almost got a huge shocker as the winless Tampa Bay Bucs came close to winning in Seattle against the Seahawks.

No one could have envisioned a reeling team like the Buccaneers going into Seattle and winning but it came very close.  Seattle rallied down 21-0 to pull out the overtime behind Russell Wilson.  With the 49ers charging the past month, the Seahawks could not afford to lose a game like this and they came through.  Once again, remember that the team that wins this division could have home field throughout, while second place could be looking at 3 road playoff games to get the Super Bowl.  Which both the Niners and Seahawks have to feel it’s the old Super Bowl or bust in 2013.

As for the Buccaneers and the tough season they have had, it was very encouraging to see the play of Mike Glennon Sunday.  Glennon went into maybe the NFL’s toughest place to play and was very good.  He showed poise and moved the Bucs down the field with key third down conversions.  It is almost a lock that Tampa will be drafting near the top five of the draft next spring and with a draft a multiple potential top QB prospects it will be interesting to see where they go.  Most likely the decision will be determined with the help of another coach other than Greg Schiano.


Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III

2. The Sunday night game was far from boring even though it started looking like the Houston Texans were going take two months of frustration out on the Colts.

Many of the primetime games have been bad so far but this one got good quick.  New Texans QB Case Keenum energized the Texans with two long TD passes to Andre Johnson early and Houston looked to be back.  Keenum was great in the first half and completely out played Andrew Luck who looked horrible and at one point was 6 for 20.  But then the half came and Coach Gary Kubiak collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital.  And no one can fault the Texan players if they say that affected them in the second half as the Colts roared back.

Andrew Luck was a different player and continued his rise to the top of the QB elite with another fourth quarter comeback.  Luck has the Colts right there with the Chiefs and Broncos near the top of the AFC in only year two and him and Chuck Pagano.

Question is for the Texans if Case Keenum will be battling Andrew Luck for the next few seasons in the AFC South?  You would have to say for the rest of the year Keenum has earned the starting job from Matt Schaub and has a clear chance to keep it long term.  But just like Tampa there will be many quarterbacks for the Texans to look at in the draft and it will tough to pass on the talent that will be there when they pick.  And we all hope everything is OK with Coach Gary Kubiak and he will be back on the sidelines quickly.


3. Mike McCoy and Ken Whisenhunt are getting killed this Monday over their decisions at the end of regulation versus the Redskins.

It is easy to go after their calls being that the Chargers lost after not getting in from inside the one yard line.  The three play calls were puzzling from the Chargers.  A run from Woodhead out of the shotgun, a fade to Gates versus DeAngelo Hall and then a rollout by Rivers.  None of these worked leaving McCoy with a 4th down call inside the one.  I do think he made the right call kicking the field goal but it should have never come to this.  And if I was a Chargers fan overall I would be pleased with season one of Mike McCoy.

As for Washington, after their homecoming dance was over and the extra security needed for the protesters calmed down, they were able to get back to what won them 10 games in 2013.  They ran the ball, and then used to run to make plays in the passing game.  Robert Griffin is not the same as he was last season as he has had trouble missing key throws which could have led to bigger plays.  Yesterday he once again struggled hitting wide open receivers on crossing patterns that could have gone for big plays.  He has to be grateful for the Redskin receivers making some nice catches on Sunday especially Pierre Garcon and Jordan Reed.  Alfred Morris is a beast also.  What he has done when given the ball in a season and a half is unreal.  Now if Griffin can only get on target Washington could get into the mix.


4. It would be wrong not to mention what Nick Foles accomplished on Sunday with seven touchdown passes and to list it at number four may be an insult.

Although I really do list these in rank of importance.  Foles did have statistically one of the greatest quarterbacking games of all time but I don’t expect him to get the credit Peyton Manning did in week one since he did it versus the Raiders.  Foles went downfield and took chances and it paid off numerous times.   Foles’ overall numbers are crazy now after wins over Oakland and Tampa.

Is this what everyone envisioned with Chip Kelly’s offense or is going to be like the previous two weeks versus New York and Dallas when they couldn’t get an offensive touchdown?  It is crazy how the Eagles can look completely different from week to week.  I know is going to be a theme this week but just like Houston and Tampa, the Eagles have to decide over the second half if Foles is their guy for the future or does Chip Kelly eye the draft also?  They should get a good idea with plenty of season left.


5. As for the game tonight.

Aaron Rodgers

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Many are going to look at the loss of Jay Cutler being the main factor in tonight’s matchup.  But I think the loss of Lance Briggs hurts the Bears more, a lot more.  Briggs seems to step up his play in prime time and makes the Bears defense tough versus Aaron Rodgers and the Pack.  Plus, the Bears being thin inside on the D line will hurt against the Packers new found running attack.

I got it as Packers 27  Bears 10



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