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5 Key Takeaways from Sunday’s Games

Steve Shoup

1. It was a good day to be a back-up quarterback:

-Nick Foles, Case Keenum and Jason Campbell all started the season as back-up quarterbacks, but all three played exceptionally well today and Foles and Campbell led their teams to crucial victories. Keenum didn’t get the win, but he exceeded all expectations and Texans have a lot to be excited about. Campbell had a really good game versus the division rival the Baltimore Ravens. It was the Browns first win over the Ravens since 2007. Foles had the best day of them all throwing for 400+ yards and 7 touchdowns, despite being pulled early in the 4th quarter. His 7 TD’s ties an NFL record, and has Foles ready to take over this Eagles job fulltime.

2. Top teams find ways to win:alexsmith2

-Though the Saints lost, the other 5 division leaders that played today all found a way to win. The Patriots won easily over the Steelers, but the Chiefs, Colts, Cowboys and Seahawks all had to overcome deficits to secure the win. They weren’t all pretty games, but getting the ‘W’ was what mattered most as they all stayed atop their divisions.

3. A running resurgence:

-This year we haven’t seen as many 100 yard games from backs as we have seen in the past. Some times teams still ran well, but they either split up carries or just didn’t run enough. Today though we saw 10 running backs with over 100 yards rushing (11 on the week with Lamar Miller Thursday Night). That is even more impressive with so many teams on bye. Given that some week we saw just 2-4 backs top 100, this was a pretty significant running week in the NFL.

4. Atlanta is toast:

-Coming off their bye three weeks ago you thought that maybe the Falcons could get back in the race. After all they had the Buccaneers, Cardinals and Panthers on the schedule. If the Falcons swept those games they would be right back in the hunt. Atlanta won the first game, but they didn’t come close in the either of the other games. Their season looks to be firmly over and it is likely to be the first time a Mike Smith led team finished below .500.

5. The Jets continue the trend:

-The Jets continue to maintain their every other week track record. Unbelievably the Jets have won every other week of the season, and that continued with their win over the Saints today. What is most surprising about this is the fact that are just so hot and cold. It’s not just that they are winning games or losing games in alternating weeks, but that one week the team plays great and then the very next week they fall apart. Last week against the Bengals the Jets defense couldn’t stop anyone and they played one of the single worst games of the season (from any team). This week versus the Saints though they have a great game and get the win.

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