NFL Report Card After 6 Weeks

NFL Observations

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles   B-        vickrg3
It’s hard to give anyone in this division a grade higher than a B, but the Eagles are 3-3 when most figured them to take their lumps in Chip Kelly’s first year.

Dallas Cowboys   C 
Tied for first but just don’t see the Cowboys as a good team, even if they hung with the Broncos two weeks ago.

Washington Redskins   D 
Horrible 1-4 start marred by shaky RG3. Very poor defense in early games and special teams is a disaster. Giving slight hope they can do another 3-6 to 10-6 like last year.

New York Giants  F 
Offense and Eli have been a turnover machine, defense gets torched but at least they showed some life in Chicago, unlike getting blown out the previous weeks.


NFC South    drewbrees

New Orleans Saints  A- 
10 seconds away from being undefeated still but still a strong start in a division that looks way easier than it did before the season.

Carolina Panthers  C 
Really needed that game at Arizona and didn’t get it.  Looking like a 7-9 or 8-8 team again.

Atlanta Falcons  D 
Injuries aside they still haven’t looked right and most likely dug themselves into too big a hole.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers  F 
Probably would have gone D- but all the off the field issues with Schiano/Freeman and infections have made them the league’s worst organization right now.


NFC North

Chicago Bears   B     cutler2
I like what they Bears have done with Trestman so far but not sure they can take down good teams come playoff time.

Green Bay Packers  B- 
Tough schedule so far has led to mediocre record, which I expect to change as season goes on.

Detroit Lions B 
I think Detroit have to be thrilled in the spot they are in right now.  We didn’t know which way this team would go heading into the season.

Minnesota Vikings  D 
Potential was to be bad but last week was a horrible effort.  Now they have a mess at QB to decide on for their future.


NFC West

Seattle Seahawks  A-         russellwilson (1)
Everyone knew they would be good and they are as they find ways to win games behind Wilson and their defense.

San Francisco 49ers B+ 
Shaky start has turned into a solid three weeks now and back to challenging the Hawks for the top spot out West.

Arizona Cardinals  C+ 
I see the Panthers of the West so gave them the + since they beat them.

St. Louis Rams  C 
Expected to make noise in the division but that hasn’t happened.  Maybe crushing Houston gets it going now.


AFC East

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

New England Patriots B+ 
The record says A but the play on the field to me says B.  Nice miracle win this week for Brady.

Miami Dolphins  C+ 
Great start but team has fizzled off the past few weeks and I am far from sold as them as a playoff contender.

New York Jets  C+ 
Pre- Steelers game may have had them close to a B or B- but after it dropped. Although they are still better than expected.

Buffalo Bills  C 

Doesn’t it seem like win or lose every Bills home game comes down to the wire?



AFC South

Indianapolis Colts  B+      andrewluck_needsresized
Big wins versus San Fran and Seattle but tough loss in San Diego keeps them from A status.

Tennessee Titans B- 
Figured them to be bad but hasn’t been the case even without Jake Locker.

Houston Texans D+ 
Rapidly sliding down the grade chart week by week as the team struggles more and more.

Jacksonville Jaguars D- 

Solid effort to cover in Denver kept them from an F but still the NFL’s worst which was not surprising.




andydaltonAFC North

Cincinnati Bengals B 
Not a consistent of a winner enough for me to be sold on this team yet.

Baltimore Ravens  B- 
Very up and down so far and not sure where they are headed this season.

Cleveland Browns C+ 
Hoyer gave spark but got hurt so see you later spark as defense tries to keep them together.

Pittsburgh Steelers  D 
Last week gave them hope as they looked like the Steelers that are expected, but it was versus the Jets.



AFC West         Divisional Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos A 
Best team so far as they rack up points at record pace. Now Von Miller returns from too short of a suspension.

Kansas City Chiefs   A 
Record gives them the A but I am far from sold on this team really being A quality outside of the defense.

San Diego Chargers  B 
Since I thought they would suck I owe them at least a B and good to see Rivers is back to throwing TD’s and making babies!

Oakland Raiders  C+ 
Like San Diego expected 0-6 right now and could be 4-2.  All about developing Pryor and hoping it works out.



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