Tuesday NFL Rewind – Packers Injuries, Pats Finish & More

NFL Observations

1. The game and finish of the week was the Patriots last second comeback win over the Saints.

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Tough loss for New Orleans who overcame a ten point halftime lead and looked like they were going to stay undefeated.  Until a couple costly errors in play calling and tackling and eventually letting a receiver get behind their defense.  As for New Orleans it is a loss but it’s their first and with Atlanta in bad shape, Carolina not yet a contender and Tampa a disaster, they should roll in the NFC South still.  Jimmy Graham’s injury issue is a major concern going forward but the defense did another good job holding Brady in check until the end.  Kenny Vaccaro will have to be in consideration for defensive rookie of the year.

As for the Pats, they won but their offense still doesn’t look right.  A lot is to be made about the losses at receiver but even Brady is missing passes he usually hits on.  It was encouraging to not only see Steven Ridley hold onto the football but make plays with it on Sunday.  Their defense has been better than past seasons but their offense will need to catch up.  But like New Orleans the best thing the Patriots have going for them is their mediocre division.

2. No team took a bigger hit on Sunday than the Green Bay Packers.

Even with a big victory in Baltimore the Packers lost two major offensive contributors in Randall Cobb and James Jones.  To no one’s surprise though Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson were still able to save the day get out of there with a much needed W.  The Pack was able to get by in Baltimore but will they be able to survive the next few weeks without these guys?

Green Bay seems to rely on their players they have drafted and developed but will they make a play for a guy like Hakeem Nicks to help fill the void.  Green Bay has to be considered a contender in the NFC and you never know when you window can surprisingly shut, just ask Houston and Atlanta.  A couple seasons ago Green Bay needed help in the running game but failed to acquire Marshawn Lynch from Buffalo before he was eventually traded to Seattle.  It would have been a nice pick up at the time so can they afford to pass on checking on a guy like Nicks also?

3. Before the season I discussed the toughest divisions and felt that the AFC North was the toughest followed by the NFC West.

The NFC West was correct and the AFC North has been so/so.  I kinda failed on the horrific NFC East as I had them fourth which is probably better the most who had them higher.  Well, the NFC East deserves no talk as I really feel the winner could end up being 7-9 this season.

The division I am most impressed with is the AFC West which is no surprise since both the Broncos and Chiefs are 6-0 currently.  Although I don’t think the Broncos will come close to a 16-0 run like many think and the Chiefs are not as good as the record states right now.  The real reason I think this division is impressive are the other two teams and the way they are playing.  I had both San Diego and Oakland battling in the Clowney Bowl before the season but once again the Chargers put up an impressive win versus the Colts.  And although Terrell Pryor finally struggled against KC on Sunday, you have to be impressed with what he has done so far.  Pryor has full control of the job and will get all season to show improvement and solidify his spot as the long term guy Oakland has been looking for years.  Best news is he can trade all the memorabilia for tattoos he wants now also!

4. Should the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can Greg Schiano?

Yes but I don’t think now is the best time to do so.  Let the season play out and then make the decision, admit it was a mistake and move on.  Everything in Tampa has not gone right from MSRA to the whole Josh Freeman debacle it has already been a long season in Tampa.  It started off looking good after the addition of Darrelle Revis but it soon after turned into a disaster.  Schiano got off to a bad start with the NFL head coaching career when he attacked opponent’s victory formations and it’s been downhill since.  It will now be interesting to see what happens with the Freeman investigation and what that does for Schiano’s reputation throughout the NFL.

It’s going to be hard to see Schiano making it as coach of the Bucs in 2014 but I really don’t think he will be out of a job for long.  College jobs come January will be out there and Schiano will have to be at the top of many teams wish list as his NFL issues won’t factor in.  Bobby Petrino already is back remember.  Then again if it is the route Schiano wants to go next maybe firing him now gives him a head start once college jobs open in late November.

5. Quick thought on the Houston fans and Matt Schaub battle over the weekend.

I agree with the Houston players calling out the fans in support of Schaub after they cheered his injury.  But we have to remember they are bad fans everywhere.  People are crazy everywhere and especially when your team sucks and you have been in the parking lot drinking for 4 hours.  In San Francisco people get knifed or terrorized if they come in wearing the opponent’s jersey.  So it is far from surprising the Texan fans unloaded their frustration on Matt Schaub as he was helped off the field.  Bad news for those hardcore Texan fans is that TJ Yates came in and was horrible so what they wanted was far from a solution.



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