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Monday NFL Rewind – Texans in Trouble?

John Manuel

Here’s a recap from Week 5 in the NFL and my thoughts:


1. Game of the day was in Dallas where the Cowboys went down to the wire with the Broncos.     Overpaid NFL Player Tony Romo

Unlike previous weeks where Denver dominated teams in the second half, the Cowboys actually overtook the Broncos and looked like they were going pull off the upset.  But guess what happened?  No surprise but after dueling evenly all afternoon with Peyton Manning, Tony Romo once again threw a huge interception with the game on the line.  Even though he played a great game for 58 previous minutes no one can be shocked by this.  All I hear now is about Dallas’ moral victory and how great they played but they lost a game they should have won.

As for Denver, Manning’s season is sick.  Even when he isn’t throwing one of his now 20 touchdown passes he gives a perfect fake and gets a rare rushing touchdown.  I know that Denver has weapons all around Manning and even the additions of Julius Thomas and Wes Welker make Manning almost fail proof.  Should be a very interesting battle this week with Jacksonville as Denver goes out to see if they can cover the 28 point spread.  Question all season for the Broncos will be what are they going to do in the postseason.


2. In what I felt was the league’s second marquee game of the weekend, the Colts took down the undefeated Seahawks at home led by Andrew Luck in the fourth quarter.

Going in I expected a Colts win even though I did feel Seattle was the better team.  But Seattle came out strong until Luck was finally able to get it going and hit Hilton on a long touchdown.  From there it was back and forth all afternoon between Luck and Wilson.  Wilson was able to escape pressure all day and make plays especially on third down.  But in the end it was Luck who made the plays which won the game.

Both of these teams look like solid playoff teams as long as they can keep their young QBs healthy.  I don’t see that as an issue since both are bright and play the game the right way.


3. Texans in Trouble?    mattschaub

Before the season we discussed the situation for the Houston Texans.  Very close the past couple seasons but not able to finish come playoff time.  And all the pressure was going to be on quarterback Matt Schaub and coach Gary Kubiak.  The last two weeks have been a disaster for Schaub and it soon could be for Kubiak if the Texans don’t turn it around fast.  Schaub is killing them with mistakes and it soon could cost him his job and maybe Kubiak’s come January.  For a team with the talent of the Texans you cannot be brought down by the field’s most important position.

It looks like Kubiak is going to stick with his guy Schaub for now but TJ Yates has to be in his thoughts.  The Texans can’t afford to get far behind the surging Colts so they need to get better play from Schaub or Yates right away.  Or it could be a house cleaning situation after the season even though Bob McNair has been very patient in the past with Kubiak.


4.  MNF Prediction:

As for tonight’s game versus Atlanta and the New York Jets, I usually kill Rex Ryan and the Jets on these blogs, but I find myself not a true fan of the Falcons either.  Geno Smith is going to have time to make plays tonight and Matt Ryan may not.  Everything says the Falcons at home handle their business at home though?  I think the Jets play the game tough and frustrate the Falcons all night and in the end pull off the upset.

NY Jets 20 
Atlanta   16 



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