Week 5 NFL Power Rankings – Broncos, Seahawks & Saints 1A, 1B, 1C

NFL Power Rankings

We’ve passed the quarter mark of the 2013 NFL season! The top 3 teams (Broncos, Seahawks and Saints) are so dominant right now, they are really ranked 1A, 1B and 1C in our book.

So with another week of the 2013 NFL Season in the books, here is Fanspeak’s Week 5 Power Rankings:


1. Denver Broncos (Last Week #1):          Divisional Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v Denver Broncos

Another blowout win for this team this week. You almost feel sorry for their opponent each week. That’s why we still have them as #1 (1A).

2. Seattle Seahawks (Last Week #2):

First half was rough for the Seahawks but they stormed back on the road to beat a very good Texans team. Great teams come back and win those type of games and that’s exactly what they did. Now they have another big test this week against the Colts. Seems like every test they have they pass.

3. New Orleans Saints (Last Week #3):

For a team that was so talked about last year, this team has been flying under the radar. But after a stellar Monday Night Football performance, they too are 4-0. Drew Brees & Sean Payton love playing Monday Night in the dome. The Seahawks better keep their eye on these Saints, because they are back!

4. New England Patriots (Last Week #8):

The Patriots got an impressive win on Sunday Night in Atlanta to also improve to 4-0. Going undefeated in the first quarter may not have been as easy this year for Belichick and Brady but they are doing it without their big names. Credit to Aquib Talib and the defense too for really stepping up this season.

5. Indianapolis Colts (Last Week #6):

The Colts are the only non undefeated team in our top 5. Even though they had an easy win against Jacksonville this week, they’ve still beat some really good teams. And we think Luck and Richardson are going to be very dangerous as the season wears on.

6. Kansas City Chiefs (Last Week #10):

The Chiefs are also sitting at 4-0 atop the AFC West with the Broncos. Can’t wait to see these two teams match-up later in the season.

7. Chicago Bears (Last Week #4):        

After 3 weeks of giving Cutler & Trestman a ton of credit, they faltered in a big way in Detroit. Cutler was a turnover machine and if the Bears want to compete for the North, they’ll have to get their act together quickly.

8. Miami Dolphins (Last Week #5):        

The Dolphins couldn’t keep up with the big boys Monday night in New Orleans as they were downright outplayed by the Brees & the Saints. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t still a really good team. They have a big match-up with the Ravens this week in an effort to bounce back.

9. Tennessee Titans (Last Week #12):    jakelocker

This team is soaring up the Power Rankings and had another huge win against the Jets. Problem was there was a big loss in that game as QB Jake Locker was injured. He’ll will be out at least a month, and hopefully for the Titans, not much more. Back-up QB Ryan Fitzpatrick will face the visiting undefeated Chiefs this Sunday. The defense will need to continue to play extremely well during Locker’s absence.

10. San Francisco 49ers (Last Week #14):

The 49ers got a much needed win on Thursday night against the Rams. Now they face a tough test against the Texans this week. This team has been up and down so far, so it will be interesting to see how they do against the Texans.

11. Houston Texans (Last Week #9):

The Texans have lost 2 in a row (to good teams) and now face the 49ers. This could get out of hand quick if they don’t get back in the win column.

12. Cincinnati Bengals (Last Week #7):

The Bengals lost to the Browns?! We didn’t see that coming. But Dalton struggled and this offense needs to put up more than 6 points if they are going to contend in the AFC North.

13. Green Bay Packers (Last Week #13):    

The Packers were on a bye this past week, so we believe a team coming off a bye should stay in the same spot from the previous week. Now this week they have a big divisional match-up against the surging Lions at Lambeau. They desperately need to bring their record back to .500 this week.

14. Detroit Lions (Last Week #17):

The Lions scored 40 points against the Bears and got a huge divisional win Sunday. Now they face the Packers (see above) in another big early divisional battle. Is this team for real? We’ll see Sunday.        megatron

15. Baltimore Ravens (Last Week #11):

At 2-2 this team has been very inconsistent. Which team will show up this Sunday against the 3-1 Dolphins?

16. Atlanta Falcons (Last Week #15):

The Falcons are losing close games, and playoff teams can’t afford to do that. They blew chances against the Patriots, and all 3 games they lost they actually had chances to win. They need to get this together quick because they are now 3 games behind the Saints.

17. San Diego Chargers (Last Week #21):

Another great game from Philip Rivers and the Chargers. And now they face the Raiders with a chance to go 3-2. New coach Mike McCoy would have to love that start.

18. Buffalo Bills (Last Week #20):

The Bills had a huge bounce back victory against the Super Bowl champs at home on Sunday. Now they play the Browns on Thursday night to see which team can get over the hump and get to 3-2.

19. Dallas Cowboys (Last Week #16):

Another 2-2 team that has been wildly inconsistent. They put up 21 points in the 2nd quarter put couldn’t do anything in the 2nd half. And now they face the Broncos who have been embarrassing opponents.

20. Philadelphia Eagles (Last Week #18):

The Eagles lost pretty bad to the Broncos Sunday. But from our comments above about the Broncos, you really can’t drop the Eagles too much for it. I think most teams will experience the same fate when they play Peyton & the Broncos this season. Now the Eagles play the struggling Giants, so it will be interesting to see if they can get back in the win column with another divisional win.

21. New York Jets (Last Week #19):

Geno Smith looked bad Sunday against the Titans. And rookie mistakes are costing this team. They’ll be on prime time Monday night against the Falcons to try and bounce back. Kind of sounds like a recipe for disaster to me and not a very entertaining Monday Night Football match-up.

22. Arizona Cardinals (Last Week #23):

The QB play with Carson Palmer is obviously better than last week but still not great. And Sunday they squeaked out a win against a bad team in the Buccaneers.

23. Washington Redskins (Last Week #26):

It may not have been pretty, but the Redskins are back in the win column. This gets the media off RG3’s back a little bit during their bye week. The bye week comes at a good time for the Redskins as it allows Griffin to heal more, some players to come back from suspension and time to prepare for a huge divisional match-up against the Cowboys in 2 weeks.

24. Carolina Panthers (Last Week #24):.

Just like the Packers, we’re not going to move the Panthers up or down since they were on a bye week. So let’s look at their match-up for this week, the Cardinals. This is a very winnable game for Cam Newton and the Panthers.

25. Cleveland Browns (Last Week #27):          

The Browns trade Trent Richardson and then proceed to win 2 games in a row. This is why you play the games each week and why the NFL is so fun to watch. Will they continue to move up and beat the Bills this Thursday?

26. St. Louis Rams (Last Week #22):

Another rough outing for the Rams Thursday night against the 49ers. The defense has been a huge disapointment and the running game is non-existent. Bradford hasn’t looked so hot lately either. Lucky for them they get to play the Jaguars to get their mojo back this week.

27. Minnesota Vikings (Last Week #30):    NFL: OCT 09 Cardinals at Vikings

Nice win for the Vikings in London to get in the win column. AP was impressive as always.

28. Oakland Raiders (Last Week #28):

Matt Flynn and the Raiders lost to the Redskins Sunday. Flynn proved there will be no QB controversy in Oakland and that Pryor is their guy.

29. Pittsburgh Steelers (Last Week #25):

The Steelers are 0-4 after a rough loss in London Sunday. The defense just does not look like a typical Steelers defense. They have to utilize this bye week and get back to basics.

30. New York Giants (Last Week #29):

Another shocking 0-4 team right now. The Giants are just getting beat, they are getting crushed. How will they fare against their divisional rival Eagles this Sunday? When will this team ever get in the win column?

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last Week #31):       

Last week we asked when the Bucs will give rookie Mike Glennon a try. Well ask and you shall receive, as Greg Schiano benched Josh Freeman for Glennon. But the Bucs still lost and this team doesn’t look to be going anywhere this season.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (Last Week #32):

“Historically bad” is the term analysts are using to describe the 2013 Jaguars. Enough said.



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