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Monday NFL Rewind – What is Going On in NY?

John Manuel

Here’s the week’s top NFL stories & my thoughts:


1.  Two of the league’s young stars have had horrible weeks.

Both pro bowlers Aldon Smith and Von Miller are now not with their teams.  Aldon Smith left the 49ers’ locker room and is headed to rehab after a DUI and marijuana arrest.  It is a huge loss for the Niners but Smith needs help and the Niners are doing the correct thing. After two bad losses it will be interesting to see if they can bounce back.

As for Miller it got worse for him as it came out he and his tester attempted to fix his failed test.  I think the NFL blew it with only giving Miller a six game suspension. He deserves more and probably the whole season.


2. Ravens Ups & Downs

After a wild offseason and giving up 7 touchdown passes to Peyton Manning the Baltimore Ravens looked to be in possible trouble.  But after a tough win over Cleveland and this week a blowout over the Texans, they looked to be back.

Even without Ray Rice, the Ravens looked like they are still contenders in the AFC and should not be forgotten.  The AFC North saw the Bengals get a comeback win versus the Packers and it looks like it should be a good two team race in the division.


3. What is going on in New York?

The Jets were supposed to be the bad team and the Giants the contender, but so far it’s completely opposite.  The Jets now sit at 2-1 while the Giants got embarrassed in Carolina to remain winless.  Only Washington could be considered more of a disappointment.  The Jets are getting a spark from Geno Smith to go along with their good defense.  Can it hold up though all season?

As for the Giants I wasn’t that big on them going into the season, but I didn’t see this happening.  I felt they had offensive line holes and a suspect defense going in, but it has been a disaster.  Can Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning do what they have done in the past and do a complete 180 during the season?  If so, this would be their greatest comeback of their careers.


4. Should we just write in Seattle and Denver for the Super Bowl?

It’s early but it could be looking that way.  Especially for Seattle who looks dominant so far.  The rest of the NFC will not want to go to Seattle come playoff time, but it is looking that way so far.  Having an early two game lead on the waffling 49ers is exactly what Pete Carroll had to be hoping for.

As for the Broncos their only worry may be keeping their stars healthy.  Losing Ryan Clady this early is bad.  We already discussed Von Miller and I wonder if he is hanging out with Ryan Braun? Manning has that offense going so well that the loss of Miller hasn’t been a factor.


5.  MNF Prediction

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Speaking of the Broncos, tonight they battle the Raiders.  Everyone has to be shocked with how Oakland has started even though their win was over the Jags.  I just talked about Broncos and we know they are good.  I think Pryor can give the Denver defense some problems but the other QB is Peyton Manning.

Denver 37 – Oakland 20



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