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Top 10 Thursdays: Top 10 Postseason Matchups We’d Love to See

You may have read our Top 10 NFL games to watch this season. Well, we thought we’d take it one step further. Now that we’re a couple weeks into the season, we can’t already help but think about playoffs! PLAYOFFS?! I know, premature, yes. But football fans can’t help but think ahead.

Now some of these games did come up in our Top 10 Games to Watch. But if it happened in the postseason it would be that much better. So here is Fanspeak’s list of Top 10 Best Postseason Match-ups:


#10 – Steelers vs. Ravens       NFL: SEP 11 Steelers at Ravens

With the start these teams both had, this postseason matchup is seeming less likely, but its still early. This is one of the best rivalries in football. The players hate each other, the cities hate each other, and the two teams have been knocking each other out of the postseason for years. So we’d love to see them go another round in the postseason.


#9 – Falcons vs. Giants

During Giants Super Bowl run in 2011 they pulled off a big upset over Atlanta so it would be fun to see these two NFC powerhouses go head to head in playoffs again. The Giants and Eli are off to rough start, but they always start slow. Matt Ryan and Mike Smith are feeling the pressure of needing to win more than one game in the postseason. It would be fun to see Eli, who’s excelled in the postseason go up against Ryan, who has the weight of the world on his shoulders.


#8 – Texans vs. Bengals

Part 3…why not? For 2 years now the Texans have defeated the Bengals in the postseason. Now the Bengals want to take that next step and win a postseason game, so it would fun to see them match-up against the Texans, again. The Texans are feeling the pressure to make it even further in the postseason, so both teams have a lot riding on not just making it to the postseason but taking that next step.


#7 – 49ers vs. Saints

Even though the 49ers have a very good defense, we could see another exciting shootout if these two teams played in postseason, similiar to the 2011 playoff game with the exciting finish for Alex Smith and the 49ers. Brees vs. Kaepernick would be fun to watch. And watching Harbaugh and Sean Payton duel in playoffs would be great too.


#6  – Broncos vs. Patriots    peytontom

This was on our Top 10 games to watch because you can never get enough of Peyton vs. Tom. And depending how much longer these two play, this could be one of the last postseasons we see them battle to make the Super Bowl. So we want to see it again, and again and again…this match-up never gets old.


#5 – Bears vs. Packers

After 2 weeks, this looks like a realistic game for the postseason. Mark Trestman has Cutler and the Bears playing well. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are always tough in playoffs. This would a divisional shootout that the Bears would be looking for some revenge from 3 years ago.


#4 – Colts vs. Broncos

With the Colts making the trade for Trent Richardson, that shows they are serious about not only about making the postseason but going far. The team to beat in the AFC just happens to be Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Wouldn’t that be great to see Peyton battle his former team to make the Super Bowl? And the even more fun story line, who will win…the star veteran or the young replacement? Now in the NFL you basically have 2 categories of QBs…the Elder statesmen (Manning) and the new young guns (Luck). What a game that would be! You know CBS is praying for this.


#3 – Seahawks vs. Packers

This is a very realistic potential NFC Championship game. What is also fun about this match-up is Rodgers and the Packers may still be holding a bit of a grudge from last year’s call by the replacement refs that helped give Seattle the win early in the season. Somehow I think Rodgers still wants revenge, and revenge is a great story line. But so is two very good teams, with very good quarterbacks.  We could see this being the NFC Championship game and FOX would love that too.


#2 – Super Bowl – Chiefs vs. Eagles

We are getting a preview of this game tonight. But how great would it be to see Andy Reid face his team in the Super Bowl a year after he was let go? Andy Reid vs. Chip Kelly Super Bowl would be high scoring and entertaining. Also, have 2 teams ever gone from worst (in their division) to Super Bowl? I doubt it, so that would make it even more exciting, and show there is indeed parity in the NFL.


And the #1 Postseason Match-up we’d love to see….


#1 – Super Bowl – Redskins vs. Colts          Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III

Well, I’m a Redskins fan, so that’s one reason. But the real reason is how great would it be to see the 2 top quarterbacks of the 2012 NFL Draft, Luck and Griffin face off in the Super Bowl . As we said, the young guns of the NFL are becoming more promient and this would showcase them on NFL’s biggest stage. Plus, again it would show parity in the NFL, as these are two franchises that were worst in their division in 2011. So to have them meet in the Super Bowl 2 years later would be a nice story. To see this game, RG3 is going to have to look more like 2012 RG3 very quick.


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