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NFL Power Rankings Week 3 – Broncos Still #1

Steve Shoup

Week 2 was another week of close games & exciting finishes. Also proved there may be some more parity in the NFL this season. Here is Fanspeak’s Week 3 Power Rankings:


1. Denver Broncos (Last Week #1):      Divisional Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v Denver Broncos

Manning may not have thrown 7 TD passes, but he and the Broncos are rolling right now, as he beat little brother Eli & the Giants easily. They excel in all 3 phases and are definitely the team to beat in the AFC.

2. Seattle Seahawks (Last Week #6):

With an impressive victory at home to beat their NFC West rivals, they showed the 49ers and the rest of the NFC that last season was no fluke. RB Marshawn Lynch was unstoppable and the defense went off on Kaepernick & Co.

3. New Orleans Saints (Last Week #5):

This is higher than most power rankings, we know. And they almost got beat by the Bucs, which would have dropped them way down. But they did not and the Brees and Payton reunion should scare most teams. That and Jimmy Graham.

4. Houston Texans (Last Week #7):

DeAndre Hopkins looks to be a dangerous threat the Texans were looking for opposite Andre Johnson. They were very close to losing again this week. But good teams find a way to win and that’s what the Texans are. It will be interesting to see how many more close calls they have and the result.

5. San Francisco 49ers (Last Week #2):

They slip 3 spots because of their divisional loss. Yes, it was a great team in Seattle and yes it’s near impossible to win @ Seattle. But Kaepernick and the offense not only looked human, they looked awful. They have to bounce back quickly in the competitive NFC.

6. Green Bay Packers (Last Week #8):

Rodgers and the Packers embarrassed the Redskins by setting a number of offensive records on Sunday. Rodgers spread the ball around and showed why he’s one of the best in the business. They have some tough competition this season with the Bears, but they are still the NFC North’s Kings.

7. New England Patriots (Last Week #3):

They are 2-0, but they’ve almost been beaten by 2 bad (ok maybe Bills are not bad this season) AFC East opponents. Brady was obviously frustrated with his receivers, and we will soon truly find out if Brady can make any receivers look good.

8. Chicago Bears (Last Week #10):        cutler2

Coach Mark Trestman has this team and Jay Cutler playing well and off to fast start at 2-0. Packers better keep playing the way they did on Sunday.

9. Atlanta Falcons (Last Week #9):

Julio Jones is insane, but not sold on this defense. Jones & Matt Ryan are going to have to be on their A game each week.

10. Cincinnati Bengals (Last Week #11):

The Bengals got a much needed AFC North win Monday night against Pittsburgh. Doesn’t get easier though as now they face the Packers.

11. Miami Dolphins (Last Week #18):

Wow. Dolphins upset the Colts and showed the AFC needs to take them seriously. Brady & the Pats better watch out.

12. Kansas City Chiefs (Last Week #17):

This team may not go worst to first in the AFC West, only because the Broncos are in their division. But they are playing well and Andy Reid & Alex Smith may put this team back in the playoffs quicker than most expected.

13. Indianapolis Colts (Last Week #4):

Just after we ranked the Colts so high last week, they show us they still have some work to do. Big test this week against the 49ers.

14. Baltimore Ravens (Last Week #12):

The Super Bowl champs got in the win column, but it wasn’t pretty against the Browns in their home opener. They’re going to have to play way better than that to beat the Texans this week.

15. Tennessee Titans (Last Week #20):

The Titans were very close to being 2-0 on the road. This team is showing their promise, which is why we moved them up 5 spots. This week they face a hot Philip Rivers, so it will be interesting to see if this improved defense can slow him down.

16. Dallas Cowboys (Last Week #13):

Romo and the Cowboys lost a close game to the Chiefs Sunday. Good news for them is the rest of the NFC East lost too.

17. Philadelphia Eagles (Last Week #14):

After a huge Monday night victory, the Eagles had a letdown by losing to the Chargers in their home opener. Yes Philip Rivers was on a roll, but the Eagles have to play better defense to match their fast paced offense.  Just like the Cowboys, the rest of the NFC East lost too so they didn’t lose any ground. But now they have a huge Thursday night match-up against former coach Andy Reid and the hot Chiefs.

18. Buffalo Bills (Last Week #23):

Last week QB EJ Manuel showed a lot of promise, this week he showed a lot of poise, leading the Bills to a come from behind victory. This kid could be the real deal and the Bills may have finally found their QB of the future (and now).

19. San Diego Chargers (Last Week #24):    philliprivers_needsresized

Week 1 they almost beat the Texans and Week 2 they beat the hot Eagles at home. Maybe new head coach Mike McCoy has Rivers and the Chargers “back” quicker than most expected.

20. St. Louis Rams (Last Week #15):

Yes, it was a loss to the NFC South power house Falcons. But Sam Bradford has to step up more for this team to be the real deal.

21. Arizona Cardinals (Last Week #26):

Nice win by the Cardinals over the Lions. Still expect more from this defense though.

22. Washington Redskins (Last Week #16):

The defense is bad, I mean really bad. And Griffin is still not near the Griffin we saw last season. At 0-2 he better dust the “rust” off quick if the Redskins want any chance at returning to postseason, because it looks like they’ll be playing in a lot of shootouts.

23. Detroit Lions (Last Week #19):

Still don’t know what to make of this team, which is kind of what we thought about them going into the season.

24. New York Giants (Last Week #21):

Eli Manning is putting way too much pressure on himself and forcing throws, leading to 7 INTs in 2 games…yikes! He needs to get it together quick for this team to have a shot to win games.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers (Last Week #22):

The Steelers are 0-2 for the first time in 11 years. Their running game is stagnant and Big Ben is getting a beating yet again. They need Le’Veon Bell back quick and the offensive line to step up. It’s not going to get easier with the red hot Bears coming to town.

26. New York Jets (Last Week #29):

In an ugly battle with the Patriots, the Jets gave them a fight. QB Geno Smith looked like a rookie though and is throwing too many picks.

27. Minnesota Vikings (Last Week #25):

They have AP, but Ponder and the rest of the team need to step up.

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last Week #27):       

Some were picking this team to be the darling of the NFC South. While they gave the Saints a game, they still seem to have too many issues.

29. Oakland Raiders (Last Week #31):

The Raiders got in the win column, but it was against the Jaguars, so you can’t get too excited about that. I think they’ll come back down to earth Monday night against the Broncos.

30. Cleveland Browns (Last Week #28):          brandonweeden

I expected more from this offensive line as they’ve given Brandon Weeden no time to throw. RB Trent Richardson needs to get going too.

31. Carolina Panthers (Last Week #30):

They lost a close one to the Bills, but just don’t look to be taking any steps forward. Actually, they just look to be going backward in terms of improving as a football team.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (Last Week #32):

Their fans don’t even want to watch them they are so bad. And now they have to travel to Seattle to play one of the league’s toughest teams in the toughest place to play in the NFL. Could the NFL impose a slaughter rule? This could get real ugly!



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