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Monday’s NFL Rewind – Week 2

John Manuel

Thoughts & highlights from Week 2 in the NFL, plus Monday Night Football prediction:


1.  The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Dallas Cowboys to move to 2-0 on the season behind Andy Reid and Alex Smith.      andyreidchiefs

Smith so far is doing exactly what he did with San Fran the past two seasons.  Move the ball, not turning the ball over and most importantly winning. Smith early on is what the Chiefs needed as they equaled their 2012 win total. Everyone knew there was talent with the Chiefs so this isn’t a complete surprise.

The next test on Thursday is Andy Reid’s return to Philly.  Last huge return to the Linc was Donovan McNabb’s a few seasons ago.  McNabb won but not but up a huge effort.  Reid will just be happy with win, 3-0 and to be a challenge to the Broncos.


2.  The NFC East have brought up two teams that have disappointed in Washington and New York.

The Redskins have been crushed in the first half of both their games and put themselves in huge wholes they can’t recover from.  Their defense has been a disaster and their offense takes way too long to get going to help their struggling defense.  Will they look to Kirk Cousins?  I can’t see it happening.

As for the Giants it has been all about turning the ball over so far.  Turnovers have been the death of the Giants especially in Dallas.  Even though playing two tough games, New York has to be disappointed with their play and it starts at the top with Eli.  Good news is no one is 2-0 so both Washington and New York are far from down.


3. Many were shocked when Doug Marrone took quarterback EJ Manuel in the middle of the first round of the draft.  Geno Smith was still there and Marrone’s college QB Ryan Nassib was also.  But they snagged Manuel and two weeks in everything looks good.

Manuel could have two wins under his belt but he is a solid 1-1 as a starter in Buffalo.  He has shown what every coach wants to see in a rookie signal caller.  Poise.  He looks like he should be out there from day one and if Manuel improves throughout the season you could be looking at another QB like the four young guns of 2012.


4. I like what Mike McCoy has done so far with the Chargers.


Courtesy of ICON SMI

They could be 2-0 easily after losing a heart breaker versus Houston.  But to come cross country and beat the flavor of the week Eagles was big for a team everyone thought would win 3 to 5 games.

The AFC west looks to be much tougher than I figured.  Denver looks like the best team in the AFC or perhaps the NFL, we covered KC and even the Raiders have been surprising with Pryor under center.  My preseason call of the NFC being much better than the AFC doesn’t look good.


5.  As for tonight’s battle between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals I am leaning towards a surprise.

The Steelers were awful in week one and the Bengals lost a tough one in Chicago.  I feel the Steelers have a huge bounce back and knocked off the Bengals sending them to 0-2 early.

Big Ben makes the plays and Pittsburgh wins 20-17.



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