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NFL Power Rankings Week 2

Week 1 had plenty of close games and big upsets, so that shakes up our NFL Power Rankings. Here is Fanspeak’s Week 2 Power Rankings:


1. Denver Broncos:

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Peyton Manning looked just about as good as he ever has. That team has Super Bowl or bust written all over it!

2. San Francisco 49ers:

The NFC Champs won 34-28 in a very tough NFC battle against the Packers. Kaepernick, Boldin and Davis are really in sync and this team is the team to beat in the NFC period.

3. New England Patriots:

#3 for the AFC East power house that almost lost to rookie EJ Manuel and the Bills? Yes, because good teams find a way to win. And with Tom Brady leading them, they are still a very good team.

4. Indianapolis Colts:

This is higher than most power rankings would have the Colts. But we love the Colts this season. Despite the Raiders of all teams keeping it a close game, Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne showed why the Texans should be nervous in the AFC South.

5. New Orleans Saints:

Head Coach Sean Payton is back and QB Drew Brees has not missed a beat. They defeated their division’s favorite in a back and forth divisional battle. But not only did Brees and the offense get going, but the defense looks very much improved this season, especially stopping Matt Ryan & co. from a game winning drive at the end of the game. We think Saints are back in the playoff hunt this year.

6. Seattle Seahawks:

#6 seems low for the Seahawks and definitely lower than most NFL power rankings. But Russell Wilson and the offense was not that impressive in their 12-7 victory over the Panthers. Yes, the had to come across country, but they looked sluggish. They’ll have to do a lot better than that to beat the 49ers this week.

7. Houston Texans:

Almost losing to the Chargers on Monday Night has some scratching their heads. But they found a way to win and deserve to stay in the top 10.

8. Green Bay Packers:

They lost on the road to a hot 49ers team in a close battle. They are still going to be a force in the NFC.

9. Atlanta Falcons:

Losing a close one to divisional rival Saints drops them a bit, but they are still a great team. Questions on defense though need to be answered.

10. Chicago Bears:

New Coach Mark Trestman got a big win at home on Sunday against AFC North powerhouse Bengals. Will be very interesting where they go from here, especially in their division.

11. Cincinnati Bengals:

Losing to the Bears hurt, good news is all the other teams lost in the AFC North too. But this is their division if they want it, will be interesting to see how they bounce back.

12. Baltimore Ravens:

It was not pretty for the Ravens and their fans on Thursday night. You have to think a long break and a home opener against the Browns put this team back in the win column Sunday.

13. Dallas Cowboys:

Tony Romo finally beat the Giants in Dallas and was tough by continuing to play after he got sandwiched at the end of the first half. Biggest story is probably the defense though and getting almost a third as many turnovers as they had all last season.

14. Philadelphia Eagles:

The Eagles jumped a LOT of spots on our power rankings, because that was an impressive performance all around Monday night. No one knew what to expect and the Eagles’ speedy offense did not disappoint.

15. St. Louis Rams:

Still have a ways to go before they have the 49ers and Seahawks shaking in their cleats, but got a division win to start the season and gave hope to fans that maybe Sam Bradford can step up now that he has more weapons.

16. Washington Redskins:

Disappointment. Only way to describe how Redskins fans, players and coaches feel. RG3 didn’t look himself and makes you wonder when he will and if they can put an offense in place that will work for him this season. Alfred Morris looked just as rusty as Griffin. Not good and they play the Packers on the road next.

17. Kansas City Chiefs:

Everyone had a feeling this is a team on the rise and they played that way Sunday. Yes, it was just the Jaguars but the defense looked great and this team could quietly contend in the AFC.

18. Miami Dolphins:

The Dolphins’ defense looked good. How will they look when they aren’t playing the Browns is the question. Tannehill and offense were solid as well.

19. Detroit Lions:

Here’s another team where no one knew what to expect and you have to be pleasantly surprised by a big divisional win against the Vikings. This could be a team that keeps climbing the power rankings.

20. Tennessee Titans:

A big upset for the Titans in Pittsburgh, made doubters take notice. They had a great game plan for that game and Locker was smart with the ball. If they can continue to use his mobility and he continues to play smart and not turn the ball over, this is another team on the rise. The defense looked great.

21. New York Giants:

They almost came back to beat the Cowboys after having a dreadful start to the game. But all game they were plagued with turnovers and you can’t win in this league like that. And now they have a big question mark at running back. Oh, and Eli & co. has to host his big brother Peyton and the Broncos this week.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers:

It was an ugly game for the Steelers in their home opener. Plus they lost center Maurice Pouncey for the season. The running game was non-existent and Big Ben didn’t find the end zone until the last 2 minutes. You couldn’t have much worse of a start to a season.

21. Buffalo Bills:

QB EJ Manuel showed a lot of promise and this team had the AFC power house Patriots on their heels until the very end. If it wasn’t Tom Brady in the late game drive, they probably do win. Defense looked improved too. Will be interesting to see where they go from here. But Bills fans should feel very hopeful.

24. San Diego Chargers:

They had a chance to beat the Texans on Monday night but came up short. And they did not look good in the 4th quarter obviously. Philip Rivers needs to step up and lead this team if they want to make it interesting in the AFC West.

25. Minnesota Vikings:

Big drop for a playoff team last year. They really seem like a one-dimensional offense unless Christian Ponder can step up and not turn the ball over.

26. Arizona Cardinals:

They kept the game close with the Rams and at least Fitzgerald and Palmer connected for some touchdowns. But they still have a ways to go to be a threat in the tough NFC West.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Ugly and very surprising loss to the Jets drop this team way down. A lot of Fanspeak writers were very high on them, but they have to play a lot smarter. How will they bounce back from this rough Week 1 loss?

28. Cleveland Browns:

Such high hopes for this team, as many picked them to beat the Dolphins. But Weeden & co. did not look so hot and unless the bounce back quick, you wonder if there will be changes quick for this team.

29. New York Jets:

They were the butt of many fans jokes and proved that people should not rush to judgement. Big Week 1 win, so how will Geno Smith and the Jets Week 2?

30. Carolina Panthers:

The Seahawks are a top NFC team, but they still did not look very good against them at home. The NFC South is tough this year too, so they’ll have to step up to have a chance.

31. Oakland Raiders:

The Raiders gave the Colts a run for their money, but ultimately lost. Pryor did better than most anticipated but still is very raw and no where near a top level QB in this league. This team will probably dwell in the bottom of the power rankings all season, but for this week they are out of the cellar.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars:

This week’s cellar dwellers are the Jacksonville Jaguars who had an ugly loss against the Chiefs. This could be a really long season for new Coach Gus Bradley. But hey, he’s going to need a new QB after this season so why not shoot for the #1 pick!



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