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Monday NFL Rewind

John Manuel

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My recap & thoughts on the NFL’s biggest stories from the past week:


1.  The biggest name cut who was released this weekend was Tim Tebow.

The Patriots decided to release Tebow instead of keeping him as a third quarterback, tight end or all-purpose performer.  I have to say, if this is it for Tebow then I was wrong from the beginning.  I thought he could be a starting quarterback in the NFL when he was drafted, but every time he threw the ball he proved me to be an idiot.  Maybe it proves hard work and dedication doesn’t also get you where you want to be.

I never bought into the notion of Tebow playing a different position like tight end.  I just figured instead of taking the time to work with him there it was a lot easier to just go out and get a true tight end.  Maybe he can start working at that on his own and try to come back in 2014 because I think his NFL QB hopes are done.

I don’t feel bad for Tebow because he will have plenty of opportunities outside of playing quarterback to choose from.  ESPN, CBS and Fox have to already be hounding his agent.


2. It looks like almost all 32 week one starting quarterback jobs are set except Buffalo.

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

EJ Manuel seems to be closer to being ready than we thought last week and could get the call week one versus New England if his knee has no setbacks.   This would be a huge deal for the Bills and even bigger for the guys in Vegas.

The Jets look as if they are making the call with Geno Smith to start versus Revis and the Buccaneers as well.  Mark Sanchez will not be ready to go but it seems that may have not mattered and Smith was going to be the guy.  They should find out quick if Geno is the future and if not, Teddy Bridgewater looked great versus Ohio.

Finally, Terrelle Pryor has gotten the nod over Matt Flynn in Oakland.  Is this a lesser than two evils decision since neither looked great in preseason? It could be more of a situation where Matt Flynn was so bad the Raiders had no choice to give Pryor the job.  Unlike last season, Flynn was not beat out because a guy like Russell Wilson was lights out, so I think he will still at some point get his chance.  Add same note on Bridgewater for Raiders also.


3. Speaking of starting quarterbacks I could have addetd he Washington situation into the above mix.  Mike Shanahan ended weeks of speculation and named Robert Griffin III as his starter Monday night versus the Eagles.

Hopefully the local and national media circus can now end, but it probably won’t.  Having a returning Kirk Cousins made it possible that the Redskins could still hold out Griffin a few more weeks but RG3 has looked ready to go for a few weeks now.  I am certain that the Redskins would not risk their future and get into another Seattle situation again.

I expect Griffin to be fine and have a huge year and put all the RG3/Shanny/Dr. Andrews drama to bed quickly.  Will I be nervous every time he gets tackled?  Of course I will.


4. I expect the NFC South to be the most interesting division in football.  This may sound crazy but I think any of the four teams can win the division.

Most will have either the Falcons or Saints as the favorites with the Falcons leading the way.  But I wouldn’t count out the other two teams.  I have a weird feeling that Tampa could be better than expected, especially if Revis can come back and be the Revis we know.  It can change their whole team that already has weapons on offense.  As for Carolina, could they be that annual team that goes from middle of the road to the playoffs?  It wouldn’t shock me if Cam Newton could step up his game.

Courtesy of ICON SMI.

Courtesy of ICON SMI.

As for Atlanta, they should be the favorite but will they be able to stop teams on defense?  It is still a legit question no matter how much talent they have on offense.  And I am not sold on Steven Jackson at running back like most are.  The Saints could be dreadful on defense, so Drew Brees will need another MVP-type season to get them back to the top.


5. Heading into week one here are a couple upsets I see happening.

Speaking of Carolina, I think they knock off Seattle at home in week one in an upset.  Seattle seemed to get over their road woes late last season but I feel the Panthers defeat the Seahawks after a big game from Cam Newton.  Carolina 23 Seattle 16

In a mild upset between two bad 2012 teams, the Jacksonville Jaguars knock off the Kansas City Chiefs.  I know this is not much of an upset but many think Andy Reid and Alex Smith quickly turn around KC and most think the Jags will be downright awful.  But for this week, the Jags win.



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