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Matt Pearce

By Staff Writer Matt Pearce:

Since all NFL teams had to get their rosters down to 75 players on Tuesday, there were lots of moves made, but most of them involved undrafted free agents.

New England Patriots cut CB Ras-I Dowling

In a surprising move, the Patriots cut their second round draft pick from 2011.  Not only was Dowling their second round draft pick, but he was selected 33rd overall, which is the first pick of the second round.

Due to a guarantee in his contract, the Patriots will still have to pay Dowling $351,377 of his $732,190 base salary.

Dowling, who played his college football at Virginia, is still only 25-years old so there is time for him to turn his career around.  In his two seasons, he has only been able to play in nine games due to injury.  That means he has only played in 56.25 percent of his possible games.

His rookie season, Dowling started the first two games of the season for the Patriots before he injured his hip and was done for the season.  The following season, he was able to play in seven game but started none of them.  For these two seasons, he recorded 10 tackles and one pass deflection.

It is unknown where Dowling’s football career goes from here.  He was released in the first major roster cuts, which gives time for him to find a new team.  While the fact that he went unclaimed on waivers may look like a bad sign, any team that claimed him would have had to pay that guarantee, which would have turned any interested teams away.  Since he is still only 25 and was recently a high draft pick, Dowling should get an opportunity to play for another team.

New York Jets release WR Braylon Edwards

The up and down career of Braylon Edwards continues as the 30-year old receiver has been released by the Jets.

Braylon Edwards

Courtesy of ICON SMI

After being drafted third overall in the 2005 NFL Draft, Edwards has bounced around the league.  He played five seasons with the Cleveland Browns, who drafted him out of Michigan.  With them, he put up one great season, in 2007, where he caught 80 passes for 1,289 yards with 16 touchdowns.  This performance led to being named to the All-Pro team and a Pro Bowl appearance, both for the first and last times.  In the rest of his time with the Browns, he caught 158 passes for 2,408 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Midway through his fifth season with the Browns, Edwards was traded to the New York Jets and finished the season off with 35 catches for 541 yards and 4 touchdowns.  He then played with the Jets for the next season, 2010, as well, catching 53 passes for 904 yards and 7 touchdowns.  This would prove to be his last productive season.

In free agency, Edwards signed with the San Francisco 49ers but only lasted nine games, catching 15 passes.  The Seattle Seahawks then signed him in the following offseason, and this time lasting to December before being waived.  The Jets decided to bring him back after this as they claimed him off waivers and he finished the season there.  This offseason, Edwards signed a one-year deal with the Jets.

It looks like Edwards career could be over as three teams have given up on him in the last two years.  He had one good season with the Jets and two good seasons and one great season with the Browns.  However, other than that, he hasn’t produced much, especially recently.

Other Moves:

The Arizona Cardinals release K Dan Carpenter.
The Arizona Cardinals cut WR Jarett Dillard.
The Arizona Cardinals cut WR Nick Edwards.
The Arizona Cardinals cut QB Caleb TerBush.
The Arizona Cardinals cut OL Deveric Gallington.
The Arizona Cardinals cut OT Joe Caprioglio.
The Arizona Cardinals cut DT Jonathan Mathis.
The Arizona Cardinals cut LB Korey Jones.
The Arizona Cardinals cut DT Cordian Hagans.
The Arizona Cardinals cut CB Ronnie Yell.
The Arizona Cardinals sign TE Richard Quinn.
The Atlanta Falcons release TE Colin Cloherty.
The Atlanta Falcons release TE Tim Biere.
The Atlanta Falcons release FB DeVonte Campbell.
The Atlanta Falcons release LB Nick Clancy.
The Atlanta Falcons release QB Seth Doege.
The Atlanta Falcons release DE Cam Henderson.
The Atlanta Falcons release DE Brandon Thurmond.
The Atlanta Falcons release OT Jeff Nady.
The Atlanta Falcons release RB Donald Russell.
The Atlanta Falcons release S Troy Sanders.
The Atlanta Falcons release C Matt Smith.
The Baltimore Ravens release WR Tommy Streeter.
The Baltimore Ravens release LB Bryan Hall.
The Baltimore Ravens cut OLB Meshak Williams.
The Baltimore Ravens cut CB Moe Lee.
The Baltimore Ravens cut TE Visanthe Shiancoe.
The Baltimore Ravens cut DE Will Pericak.
The Baltimore Ravens cut RB Damien Berry.
The Baltimore Ravens cut OL Jack Cornell.
The Baltimore Ravens cut WR Rashaad Carter.
The Baltimore Ravens cut G Ramon Harewood.
The Baltimore Ravens cut OT David Mims.
The Baltimore Ravens cut WR Gerrard Sheppard.
The Baltimore Ravens sign QB Dayne Crist.
The Buffalo Bills sign QB Matt Leinart.
The Buffalo Bills trade LB Chris White to the Detroit Lions for QB Thaddeus Lewis.
The Buffalo Bills release WR Da’Rick Rogers.
The Buffalo Bills release DB Dominique Ellis.
The Buffalo Bills release WR DeMarco Sampson.
The Buffalo Bills release CB Jumal Rolle.
The Buffalo Bills release C Ryan Turnley.
The Carolina Panthers waive OT Bruce Campbell.
The Carolina Panthers waive WR Kealoha Pilares.
The Carolina Panthers waive FB Michael Zordich.
The Carolina Panthers cut QB Colby Cameron.
The Carolina Panthers cut P Jordan Gay.
The Carolina Panthers cut CB Nick Hixson.
The Carolina Panthers cut K Morgan Lineberry.
The Carolina Panthers cut WR Dale Moss.
The Carolina Panthers cut DE Louis Nzegwu.
The Carolina Panthers cut LB Ryan Rau.
The Carolina Panthers cut S Ricardo Silva.
The Carolina Panthers cut G Justin Wells.
The Carolina Panthers sign OL Travelle Wharton.
The Carolina Panthers waive WR Joe Adams.
The Carolina Panthers waive DT Frank Kearse.
The Chicago Bears cut DE Kyle Moore.
The Chicago Bears release S Tom Zbikowski.
The Chicago Bears release OL AJ Lindeman.
The Chicago Bears cut WR Devin Aromashodu.
The Chicago Bears cut TE Leonard Pope.
The Cincinnati Bengals release TE Richard Quinn.
The Cincinnati Bengals cut DT Vaughn Meatoga.
The Cincinnati Bengals cut WR Jheranie Boyd.
The Cincinnati Bengals cut CB Terrence Brown.
The Cincinnati Bengals cut LB Jordan Campbell.
The Cincinnati Bengals cut K Quinn Sharp.
The Cincinnati Bengals cut G Otis Hudson.
The Cincinnati Bengals cut OT Jason Weaver.
The Cleveland Browns release CB Vernon Kearney.
The Cleveland Browns release DE Dave Kruger.
The Cleveland Browns release WR Cordell Roberson.
The Cleveland Browns release LB Tommy Smith.
The Cleveland Browns waive WR Jordan Norwood.
The Cleveland Browns release CB Trevin Wade.
The Dallas Cowboys cut WR Anthony Amos.
The Dallas Cowboys cut TE Colin Cochart.
The Dallas Cowboys cut G Dennis Godfrey.
The Dallas Cowboys cut WR Jared Green.
The Dallas Cowboys cut LB Deon Lacey.
The Dallas Cowboys cut K Brett Maher.
The Dallas Cowboys cut WR Eric Rogers.
The Dallas Cowboys cut QB Nick Stephens.
The Dallas Cowboys cut CB Brandon Underwood.
The Denver Broncos release WR Greg Orton.
The Denver Broncos release C Quentin Saulsberry.
The Denver Broncos release TE Deangelo Peterson.
The Denver Broncos release DE Lanston Tanyi.
The Denver Broncos release WR Kemonte Bateman.
The Denver Broncos release CB Mario Butler.
The Denver Broncos release OT Manase Foketi.
The Denver Broncos release QB Ryan Katz.
The Denver Broncos release LB Uona Kaveinga.
The Denver Broncos release CB Nigel Malone.
The Detroit Lions cut CB Domonique Johnson.
The Detroit Lions cut WR Chaz Schilens.
The Detroit Lions cut G Derek Hardman.
The Detroit Lions cut DT John Drew.
The Detroit Lions cut CB Ross Weaver.
The Detroit Lions cut DE Ronnell Lewis
The Detroit Lions cut WR Cody Wilson.
The Detroit Lions cut S Chris Hope.
The Detroit Lions cut CB Myron Lewis.
The Detroit Lions cut K Havard Rugland.
The Detroit Lions cut CB DeQuan Menzie.
The Green Bay Packers release QB Graham Harrell.
The Green Bay Packers cut WR Justin Wilson.
The Green Bay Packers cut WR Omarius Hines.
The Green Bay Packers cut WR Alex Gillett.
The Green Bay Packers sign K Zach Ramirez.
The Green Bay Packers release K Giorgio Tavecchio.
The Houston Texans release RB Ray Graham.
The Houston Texans release QB Stephen McGee.
The Houston Texans release LB Elliot Coffey.
The Houston Texans release FB Zach Boren.
The Houston Texans release G Bryan Collins.
The Houston Texans release OT Nick Mondek.
The Houston Texans release DE Earl Okine.
The Houston Texans release CB Travis Howard.
The Houston Texans release P Andrew Shapiro.
The Houston Texans release LB Ja’Gared Davis.
The Houston Texans release TE Adam Schiltz..
The Indianapolis Colts cut CB Johnny Adams.
The Indianapolis Colts cut CB Allen Chapman.
The Indianapolis Colts cut G Danous Estenor.
The Indianapolis Colts cut DT Kellen Heard.
The Indianapolis Colts cut K Brandon McManus.
The Indianapolis Colts cut RB Davin Meggett.
The Indianapolis Colts cut LB C.O. Prime.
The Indianapolis Colts cut C Rick Schmeig.
The Indianapolis Colts cut S Ashante Williams.
The Indianapolis Colts cut WR Maurice William.
The Indianapolis Colts cut CB Teddy Williams.
The Indianapolis Colts waive WR Nathan Palmer.
The Jacksonville Jaguars cut LS Jeremy Cain.
The Jacksonville Jaguars cut G Mark Asper.
The Jacksonville Jaguars cut P Ken Parrish.
The Jacksonville Jaguars cut CB Lionel Smith.
The Jacksonville Jaguars cut LB Maalik Bomar.
The Jacksonville Jaguars cut LB Jeremiah Green.
The Jacksonville Jaguars cut DE J.D. Griggs.
The Jacksonville Jaguars cut DE Paul Hazel.
The Jacksonville Jaguars cut LS Luke Ingram.
The Jacksonville Jaguars cut WR Jamal Miles.
The Jacksonville Jaguars cut S Ray Polk.
The Jacksonville Jaguars cut OT Roderick Tomlin.
The Jacksonville Jaguars sign CB Will Blackmon.
The Jacksonville Jaguars waive CB Marcus Burley.
The Kansas City Chiefs release WR Terrance Copper.
The Kansas City Chiefs release QB Ricky Stanzi.
The Kansas City Chiefs cut DB Vince Agnew.
The Kansas City Chiefs cut DE Miguel Chavis.
The Kansas City Chiefs cut OL Ryan Durand.
The Kansas City Chiefs cut OL Hutch Eckerson.
The Kansas City Chiefs cut DB Otha Foster III.
The Kansas City Chiefs cut OL A.J. Hawkins.
The Kansas City Chiefs cut DE Rob Lohr.
The Kansas City Chiefs cut CB Kamaal McIlwain.
The Kansas City Chiefs cut RB Jordan Roberts.
The Kansas City Chiefs cut WR Tyler Shoemaker.
The Kansas City Chiefs cut CB Neiko Thorpe.
The Kansas City Chiefs cut FB Braden Wilson.
The Miami Dolphins cut G Lance Louis.
The Miami Dolphins cut FB Jorvorskie Lane.
The Miami Dolphins waive LB Michael Clay.
The Miami Dolphins waive WR Jeff Fuller.
The Miami Dolphins waive WR Julius Pruitt.
The Miami Dolphins waive WR Andrell Smith.
The Miami Dolphins waive LB Nathan Williams.
The Miami Dolphins waive LB David Hinds.
The Miami Dolphins waive DE Emeka Onyenekwu.
The Minnesota Vikings release DE Lawrence Jackson.
The Minnesota Vikings cut WR LaMark Brown.
The Minnesota Vikings cut WR Erik Highsmith.
The Minnesota Vikings cut G Tyler Holmes.
The Minnesota Vikings cut DE Marquis Jackson.
The Minnesota Vikings cut LB Stanford Keglar.
The Minnesota Vikings cut DB Greg McCoy.
The Minnesota Vikings cut RB Bradley Randle.
The Minnesota Vikings cut WR Chris Summers.
The Minnesota Vikings cut QB James Vandenberg.
The Minnesota Vikings cut C Camden Wentz.
The Minnesota Vikings cut RB Jerodis Williams.
The Minnesota Vikings cut DB Roderick Williams.
The New England Patriots sign CB Stephon Morris.
The New England Patriots sign DL Scott Vallone.
The New England Patriots cut WR Kamar Aiken.
The New England Patriots cut CB Brandon Jones.
The New England Patriots cut LB Niko Koutouvides.
The New England Patriots cut CB LeQuan Lewis.
The New England Patriots cut LS Mike Zupancic.
The New England Patriots cut TE Evan Landi.
The New England Patriots cut DT Anthony Rashad White.
The New York Giants release LB Aaron Curry.
Former New York Giants LB Aaron Curry has announced his retirement.
The New York Giants release WR Terrell Sinkfield.
The New York Giants release FB Ben Guidugli.
The New York Giants release WR Brandon Collins.
The New York Giants release TE Jamie Childers.
The New York Giants release TE Chase Clement.
The New York Giants release OL Michael Jasper.
The New York Giants release OL Austin Holtz.
The New York Giants release LB Jake Muasau.
The New York Giants release LB Etienne Sabino.
The New York Giants release DT Frank Okam.
The New York Giants release CB La’Ron Scott.
The New York Giants release CB Junior Mertile.
The New York Giants release S Alonzo Tweedy.
The New York Jets cut WR Joe Collins.
The New York Jets cut S Donnie Fletcher.
The New York Jets cut G Patrick Ford.
The New York Jets cut OT Trey Gilleo.
The New York Jets cut S Bret Lockett.
The New York Jets cut RB Joe McKnight.
The New York Jets cut G Stephen Peterman.
The New York Jets cut LB Sean Progar-Jackson.
The New York Jets cut P Ryan Quigley.
The New York Jets cut WR Marcus Rucker.
The New York Jets cut LS Patrick Scales.
The New York Jets cut RB Chad Spann.
The New York Jets cut WR K.J. Stroud.
The New York Jets cut WR Rahsaan Vaughn.
The New York Jets release K Billy Cundiff.
The New York Jets sign K Dan Carpenter.
The New York Jets sign QB Graham Harrell.
The New York Jets release C Dalton Freeman.
The New Orleans Saints trade a conditional 2014 7th round pick to the San Francisco 49ers for OLB Parys Haralson.
The New Orleans Saints release WR Tim Toone.
The New Orleans Saints release LB Eric Martin.
The New Orleans Saints release DB Akwasi Owusu-Ansah.
The Oakland Raiders cut WR Josh Cribbs.
The Oakland Raiders sign K Justin Medlock.
The Oakland Raiders release OT John Wetzel.
The Oakland Raiders release WR Sam McGuffie.
The Oakland Raiders release C Andrew Robiskie.
The Oakland Raiders release DB Cory Nelms.
The Oakland Raiders release DT Myles Wade.
The Oakland Raiders release WR Tray Session.
The Oakland Raiders release FB Jon Hoese.
The Oakland Raiders release RB Deonte Williams.
The Oakland Raiders release LB Eric Harper.
The Philadelphia Eagles release S Kenny Phillips.
The Philadelphia Eagles release LB Jamar Chaney.
The Philadelphia Eagles release WR Nick Miller.
The Philadelphia Eagles release P Brad Wing.
The Philadelphia Eagles release TE Derek Carrier.
The Philadelphia Eagles release DE Eddie McClam.
The Philadelphia Eagles release OT Nic Purcell.
The Philadelphia Eagles release OLB Isaac Remington.
The Philadelphia Eagles release TE Will Shaw.
The Philadelphia Eagles release DT Daryell Walker.
The Philadelphia Eagles release CB Eddie Whitley.
The Philadelphia Eagles release LS James Winchester.
The Philadelphia Eagles release OLB Phillip Hunt..
The Pittsburgh Steelers release RB Baron Batch.
The Pittsburgh Steelers release LB Stevenson Sylvester.
The Pittsburgh Steelers waive G Justin Cheadle.
The Pittsburgh Steelers waive CB DeMarcus Van Dyke.
The Pittsburgh Steelers cut OT D’Anthony Batiste.
The Pittsburgh Steelers cut OT Mike Farrell.
The Pittsburgh Steelers cut WR David Gilreath.
The Pittsburgh Steelers cut CB Ryan Steed.
The Pittsburgh Steelers cut TE Peter Tuitupou.
The Pittsburgh Steelers cut QB John Parker Wilson.
The Pittsburgh Steelers release WR J.D. Woods.
The Pittsburgh Steelers release RB Jeremy Wright.
The San Diego Chargers waive WR Deon Butler.
The San Diego Chargers waive QB Nathan Enderle.
The San Diego Chargers cut RB Edwin Baker.
The San Diego Chargers cut C Colin Baxter.
The San Diego Chargers cut CB Greg Brown.
The San Diego Chargers cut S Tony Burnett.
The San Diego Chargers cut G Brandyn Dombrowski.
The San Diego Chargers cut P Richard Kent.
The San Diego Chargers cut DL Jamarcus McFarland.
The San Diego Chargers cut TE Dallas Walker.
The San Francisco 49ers waive QB Scott Tolzien.
The San Francisco 49ers waive RB DJ Harper.
The San Francisco 49ers waive OL Al Netter.
The San Francisco 49ers waive LB Joe Holland.
The San Francisco 49ers waive P Colton Schmidt.
The San Francisco 49ers waive DT Lamar Divens.
The San Francisco 49ers waive DE Lawrence Okoye.
The San Francisco 49ers release S Darcel McBath.
The Seattle Seahawks sign LS Clint Gresham to a two-year contract extension.
The Seattle Seahawks release CB Will Blackmon.
The Seattle Seahawks cut WR Donavon Kemp.
The Seattle Seahawks cut TE Jameson Konz.
The Seattle Seahawks cutWR Perez Ashford.
The Seattle Seahawks cut LB Kyle Knox.
The Seattle Seahawks cut TE Andrei Lintz.
The Seattle Seahawks cut LS Kyle Nelson.
The Seattle Seahawks cut DT Martin Parker.
The Seattle Seahawks cut LB Craig Wilkins.
The Seattle Seahawks cut WR Brett Swain.
The St. Louis Rams waive LB Jabara Williams.
The St. Louis Rams release WR Andrew Helmick.
The St. Louis Rams release WR Raymond Radway.
The St. Louis Rams release WR Demetrius Fields.
The St. Louis Rams release TE Colby Prince.
The St. Louis Rams release QB Tim Jenkins.
The St. Louis Rams release K Brett Baer.
The St. Louis Rams release CB Robert Steeples.
The St. Louis Rams release LB Joseph Lebeau.
The St. Louis Rams release DT Al Lapuaho.
The St. Louis Rams release LS Jorgen Hus.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers cut QB Adam Weber.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers cut TE Mike Shanahan.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers release TE Zach Miller.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers waive WR Terriun Crump.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers waive LB Jacob Cutera.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers waive WR Chris Denton.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers waive G Adam Smith.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers waive DB Branden Smith.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers sign WR Jordan Norwood.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers release DE Aaron Morgan.
The Tennessee Titans release OT Barry Richardson.
The Tennessee Titans release WR Roberto Wallace.
The Tennessee Titans release TE DeMarco Cosby.
The Tennessee Titans release K Maikon Bonani.
The Tennessee Titans release S Tracy Wilson.
The Tennessee Titans release WR Justin Hilton.
The Tennessee Titans release OL Eloy Atkinson.
The Tennessee Titans release S Markelle Martin.
The Washington Redskins cut FB Eric Kettani.
The Washington Redskins release WR Donte Stallworth.
The Washington Redskins cut K John Potter.
The Washington Redskins cut OT Jeremy Trueblood.
The Washington Redskins cut LB Roddrick Muckelroy.
The Washington Redskins cut LB Ricky Elmore.
The Washington Redskins cut LB Quan Sturdivant.
The Washington Redskins cut WR Chip Reeves.

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