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NFL Monday Rewind

John Manuel

Thoughts on this week in the NFL:


1. It is funny how the New York Jets still find a way to be the most talked about team in football.

At this point if I were the Jets it would be best to not be talked about daily because it has become an embarrassment.  The latest discussion of course revolves around who should be the starting quarterback in New York.  Mark Sanchez looked to be the guy until he got hurt in the 4th quarter of the last preseason game after watching Geno Smith struggle as the starter.  So Geno is not ready and Sanchez is now injured and the Jets are a mess.  Add to it their coach lost it Saturday night after the game with the press.        Overpaid NFL Player Mark Sanchez

I think the Jets made a huge mistake last offseason by not completely cleaning house and leaving Rex Ryan as coach.  Usually it is got a good call to hire a new General Manager and place him with a coach he did not take part in hiring.  What I think happens now is Ryan will be gone next offseason and maybe even during the upcoming one.  The Jets could have started their rebuilding a year earlier but now it will be interesting to see what happens there.


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2. The St. Louis Rams played a strong game against the AFC favorite Denver Broncos this weekend.  I know it is preseason but the Rams have to be happy with what they got from their new additions.

Tavon Austin looked like the explosive difference maker the Rams moved up to get in the draft.  But it was their second pick that impressed the most.  Linebacker Alec Ogletree had a huge game versus the Broncos.  Not only did he scoop up a fumble for a touchdown but he added an impressive interception deep in coverage.

Highly paid new tight end Jared Cook also got into the mix with a touchdown grab from Sam Bradford.  Things are looking up for the Rams led by Jeff Fisher.  Can they contend with the Seahawks and the 49ers all season?  I am starting to think they can do more than just beat them like last season.  A two team race in the NFC West could have just become a three team one.


3. Mike Shanahan said this week that anything short of the Super Bowl for the Washington Redskins would be a failure.

Of course it made headlines and has become a topic of discussion as things are usually during the preseason.  But I have to agree with Shanahan on this one that it would be a failure if the Redskins do not make the Super Bowl.  Do I think Washington is the favorite from the NFC?  No, but I think coming off last season if RG3 comes back healthy they should be in the mix.

Belichick, Harbaugh, Harbaugh, Fox, McCarthy, Carroll, Kubiak, Payton and Smith to name a few should have the same feelings on what is success and what is failure for this season.  Although we know some teams are ready to make a Super Bowl run more than others this league is still wide open.  Baltimore proved that last season after starting strong they struggled only to play their best football in the playoffs on their way to being crowned champions.


4. Going into week four of the preseason there are still a couple quarterback questions still unanswered other than the Jets.

Oakland has gone from looking like they had made a solid decision on Matt Flynn to start week one but that has changed.  Flynn was horrible versus Chicago which opened the door for Terrelle Pryor to force a last second competition.  Now Pryor gets his chance to win the job when he goes with the starters this week.  But does it matter?  To Pryor and Flynn it has to since Oakland looks to be one of the teams drafting high next May.  Teddy Bridgewater and possibly others could be available to the Raiders in the draft.

Oakland has already spent many recent picks on QBs and has nothing to show for it unless Pryor becomes something.  The Carson Palmer trade will go down as one of the worst in history and Oakland fans should be licking their chops for the next time Hue Jackson returns to the Bay area.  Isn’t ironic that he now coaches the Bengals?  Maybe the NFL should have stepped in and prevented Jackson from joining the Bengals staff after he gave them such a huge gift?


5. On the television side I have been very impressed with the new Fox Sports 1 daily football show.

I find it better than anything ESPN puts out in their 979 daily NFL shows.  I am done with Berman, Keyshawn and Cris Carter and find the Fox guys a good change.  Curt Menefee does a good job as always and guys like Ronde Barber, Scott Fujita and John Lynch do not annoy me with any schtick you see from the ESPN guys.  What I really like is surprisingly Randy Moss and Mike Pereira additions to the team.  And it’s not just because Moss picked the Redskins to win the NFC East.

I have found Moss to be very insightful and look forward to see him develop as an analyst.  I figured Pereira was around just to interpret bad calls by the officials but he has also added insightful comments to the show.  It will be interesting to see what Fox adds to this show including more college football coverage as well as both seasons progress.



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