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Tuesday NFL Rewind

John Manuel

Key storylines & my thoughts from this week in the NFL:


1.  I think it is time to just realize that the Patriots offense with Tom Brady at quarterback can move the ball with just about anyone at receiver.

Just a few days after the knee injury scare, Brady lit up the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The Pats didn’t seem to miss Gronk, Welker, or Hernandez at all last week as Danny Amendola had a huge night.  Let’s see what happens during the season, but the new emphasis on the run sure helps.

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

2.  There may be nothing more frustrating for teams and fans as seeing your new big money pickups go down with injuries.

First was Seattle’s Percy Harvin being knocked out for the majority of the season, and this week it happened to the Dolphins and Dustin Keller.  It really hurts that you may get nothing from these guys at all in their first season.  Especially for Keller who is done after a questionable shot by rookie D.J. Swearinger.

3. For Atlanta it was good to see new running back Steven Jackson pick it up in week two of the preseason after a lackluster first game.

I am far from sold on Jackson being a huge factor for the Falcons.  I do not see him being the Jackson of old or a fantasy stud this season.  Will he be an upgrade from Michael Turner?  Not so sure on that either.

4.  Denver is going to take a huge blow losing All Pro Von Miller to start the season.

Suspensions are now becoming pretty common for both banned substances and PEDs as the commissioner is cracking.  And it doesn’t look like Miller has much of any chance in an appeal.  I guess his excuse isn’t as solid as the BS that Richard Sherman had.  Just my thoughts on that one.

5. Blaine Gabbert won the starting job in Jacksonville even though he is currently injured.

It is really not surprise that the Jags are giving Gabbert the chance to be what they hoped taking him high in the first round.  I remember San Francisco was contemplating moving on from Alex Smith a few seasons ago but stuck with him.  Yes, they did eventually trade away Smith. But sticking with him a few seasons ago enabled the Niners to get solid return from the Chiefs last winter.



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