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OVER/UNDER Vegas Win Totals – NFC

John Manuel

NFC East:

Washington Redskins – 8 wins
My Call:  OVER

They won 10 last season so I think 9 is certainly a good chance.  I know Robert Griffin is coming off an injury as everyone else does, but I believe he will be fine and if not Kirk Cousins should fill in fine.  The defense has to be better, although the secondary is inexperienced.  I just think Griffin is a star and has this franchise headed in the right direction for once.

New York Giants – 9 wins
My Call:  EVEN

I think the Giants end up 9-7.  They could be 10-6 but I would go under for sure.  They always have a good foundation but I am not sold on them defensively and at the offensive line.  And Eli Manning has had a remarkable history of being out there every week.  Is he due to go down?  Peyton looked invincible at one point and we know what happened two years ago.

Dallas Cowboys – 8.5 wins

My Call:  UNDER

I don’t like this current situation at all.  You can tell me all day about all the talent they have. I still think there are major concerns at the top between Jerrah and coach Jason Garrett.  Let’s see what Monte Kiffin can do coming off the disaster at USC.  I could easily see a season much like the final one for Wade Phillips.  Jerry Jones really needs to take a look what he has done to this organization much like Dan Snyder did 3 years ago.

Philadelphia Eagles – 7 wins

Courtesy of

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My Call:  Who knows?  Actually going to say UNDER

No one knows what to expect from Philly with rookie coach Chip Kelly.  Will the NFL not be ready for his offense or will either Vick or Foles not be able to run it effectively?  No one really knows yet.  I think it may be a one year learning curve for Kelly to see where he wants to go at QB.  A whole new secondary replacing a very disappointing one is something else to watch with the Eagles.


NFC South:

Atlanta Falcons – 10 wins

My Call:  OVER

I am not a big Falcons guy but 11 wins should be there for the taking.  The division is going to be tough but the Falcons have the talent to repeat what they did last regular season.  Question is can Mike Smith and Matt Ryan do it in the playoffs finally?  I think I said the same exact things a year ago.

New Orleans Saints – 9 wins

My Call:   OVER

The Saints will bounce back with the return of Sean Payton in 2013.  The defense is still a concern as the shuffle coordinators once again.  But the defense is always a concern.  Payton plus Brees is good enough to get at least 10 wins for the Saints.

Carolina Panthers – 7.5 wins

My Call:  UNDER    camnewtonnfl

I want to go over but just can’t do it.  The Panthers seem to show promise under Cam Newton but I just am not a huge fan of teams with coaches not cemented in stone for the future.  Add losing Newton’s offensive coordinator to Cleveland and I am worried he could slip back into his childish ways.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 7.5 wins

My Call:   OVER

I am not a huge fan of Tampa and far from a fan of Greg Schiano.  But adding Revis was huge for the Bucs.  Yes his return from the ACL is not a certain he is ready to be the best corner in the NFL yet but it was a huge grab.  Pressure is on Josh Freeman to produce and I feel he will do enough to get them 8 to 9 wins.


NFC North:

Green Bay Packers – 10 wins
My Call:  EVEN

10 wins sounds perfect for the Packers.  Aaron Rodgers is the best but he also takes a beating week to week.  And now has lost his left tackle for the season.  The defense will have to improve to get more than 11 wins in another tough NFC division combined with the first place schedule.

Minnesota Vikings – 7.5 wins

My Call:  OVER

The Vikings made the playoffs and added some key components in free agency and the draft yet Vegas is dumping on them with their win total.  It looks to be all about Christian Ponder and if he can step up his game.  I am nervous saying over because even the Vikings seem concerned with Ponder by bringing in Matt Cassel.

Chicago Bears – 8.5 wins

My Call:  OVER

Much like the Eagles it will be interesting to see what Marc Trestman brings to Chicago.  The Bears did win 10 last season, but can the defense make plays like it did in 2012?  That will be hard to do and what will life after Urlacher be?  Most importantly which Jay Cutler shows up in 2013?  I think he can work well with Trestman and get them 9 wins.    mattstafford

Detroit Lions – 7.5 wins

My Call:  UNDER

And maybe just because someone can’t win 8 games in this division.  When I look at making the call on Detroit I see how tough the NFC looks to be this year.  Who is going to lose games? Taking my chances that Megatron, Stafford and Schwartz cannot get back to what they did just two seasons ago.


NFC West:

San Francisco 49ers – 11.5 wins

My Call:  UNDER

Two months ago I would have said easy OVER.  But now I just think the NFC is way too tough and I see a log jam at the top.   The NFC West is the toughest division on paper after years of being a joke.  It will be interesting to see if Colin Kaepernick is a MVP candidate or not this season also.  Losing Crabtree hurts him a lot as he finally seemed to be coming into his own.  I might get burned here because the Niners are loaded with talent but still just think the NFC is a monster.

Seattle Seahawks – 10.5 wins

My Call:  UNDER         russellwilson (1)

Please refer to the 49ers statement here also.  I do think the Hawks have the talent to win 11 or more but once again the NFC is killer.  Russell Wilson is great.  But I do think the talkative Seattle corners have put way too much focus on themselves and they will get exposed this season.  Plus, losing Percy is a major loss to start the season.

St. Louis Rams – 7.5 wins

My Call:  OVER

I am not completely sold on Jeff Fisher’s crew but 8 wins is very possible.  Fisher is good and the team showed promise last season especially against the Niners head to head.  It is all going to come down to where Sam Bradford is at in his career.  Is his a franchise guy or just a legit caliber starter?  St. Louis has a lot riding on that.

Arizona Cardinals – 5.5 wins

My Call:  OVER

Bruce Arians proved that he can be a winning NFL coach last season and I think he can take the Cards to at least 6 victories.  I am not a fan of Carson Palmer but he has to be better than the mess they have had the past two seasons.  Patrick Peterson is a star and Arians feels he can also help on offense.  Can Arizona protect Palmer much better than they did Kolb or Skelton?  Big question but it has to be better?



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