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OVER/UNDER Vegas Win Totals – AFC

John Manuel

My predictions based on the current projected win totals in Vegas.  Please use caution when debating rather to listening to me!

AFC East:

New England Patriots – 11.5 Wins
My Call: UNDER

Its tough to think that the Patriots are not going to get to 12 wins.  Very suspect division and having Tom Brady should make it a lock.  But I think that the loss of Aaron Hernandez and Wes Welker and the Gronk’s uncertainty has me thinking this team wins 10 or 11.

Miami Dolphins – 7.5 wins           tannehill

My Call:  OVER

No team made more noise since last season than Miami.  They have added multiple weapons for Ryan Tannehill, but will it pay off?  I think enough to at least go 8-8.  Dion Jordan should also join Cameron Wake as an imposing pair on defense.

New York Jets – 6.5 wins

My Call:  UNDER

I have a knack for killing the Jets and I am going to add on here.  I look at their offense and just laugh.  They still have some solid players on defense but this league is about offense and they don’t have it.  Especially starting at the QB unless Geno Smith shocks the NFL in year one.

Buffalo Bills – 6.5 wins

My Call:  OVER

Surprised I am going this route but just have a feeling Doug Marrone will make an impact in year one just like Sean Payton did in NOLA.  7 wins are very possible even with Manuel or Kolb at QB.  I just see the Bills are more of a surprise than most do.


AFC South:

Houston Texans – 10 wins

My Call:  OVER

I think everyone other than Ron Jaworski has concerns over Matt Schaub but I am pretty confident he can play well enough to equal last season’s results.  The Texans will repeat as division champs because they are in solid shape almost everywhere.  If not, coach and QB could be in trouble.

Indianapolis Colts – 8.5 wins

My Call:  OVER

I thought this number may be 1 win higher but my call is they do win 9.  Even though they beat up on the Jags, Titans and Lions last season. Andrew Luck should be more solid in year two and is a star to be.

jakelockerTennessee Titans – 6.5 wins

My Call:  UNDER

This could all depend on Jake Locker and if he shows anything in year three.  You have a coach on the hot seat and a shaky QB, which could be a recipe for disaster.  But I can see Chris Johnson having a huge bounce back and that would help Locker.

Jacksonville Jaguars – 5 wins

My Call:  EVEN

Jaguars are going to go 5-11.  Not much to say about these guys other than I hope the Londoners love their team.  It wouldn’t be a crazy call for them to get to 6 wins but I am just far from sold on anything they put behind center.


AFC North:

Baltimore Ravens – 8.5 wins

My Call:  OVER

It takes at least 9 wins to make the playoffs and John Harbaugh always makes the playoffs.  Simple math or logic or whatever you call it.  I don’t see a repeat champ but the playoffs should be a lock.

Pittsburgh Steelers – 9 wins    NFL: FEB 01 Super Bowl XLV Media Day -  Green Bay Packers

My Call:  OVER

I see a comeback year for the Steelers and that means 10 wins and a battle with Baltimore for the AFC North.  Big Ben needs to stay healthy and rookie Jarvis Jones needs to make an impact without James Harrison there.

Cincinnati Bengals – 8.5 wins

My Call:  UNDER

I like Andy Dalton and everyone loves AJ Green but I just see them ending up 8-8.  One reason is I think Marvin Lewis is heading into that Andy Reid territory of being with the same team for a long time.  But never going anywhere far.

Cleveland Browns – 6 wins

My Call:  OVER

7-9.  Norv Turner will help Brandon Weeden and new coach Chud makes an impact like Marrone.  Defense is better and last place schedule helps.  Just have a hunch.


AFC West:

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Denver Broncos – 11.5 wins

My Call:  OVER

Denver should get 12 or even 13 victories.  Manning back in year two and giving him Wes Welker to go with an already dangerous pair of receivers.  Loss of Dumervil and short term loss of Von Miller hurt, but they can overcome because of Manning.

San Diego Chargers – 7.5 wins

My Call:  UNDER

I just don’t like this team and we don’t know enough about Mike McCoy to see if he can change this franchise back to 4 years ago.  They had a huge draft but we will have to see if that pans out quickly.

Kansas City Chiefs – 7 wins

My Call:  OVER

Can they do what Indy did a year ago?  I think partially.  No playoffs but 8 wins.  New coach and QB should help accomplish this.  And they do have some solid returning talent in KC.

Oakland Raiders – 5.5 wins

My Call:  UNDER

Someone has to win like 3 games and I think Oakland is it.  They are on a better track but they have a huge hole to dig out from.  Hugh Jackson’s trade for Carson Palmer was a disaster and hurt the Raiders as bad as any move Al Davis did in the past 2 decades of his life.



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