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Sophomore Success or Slump for RG3, Luck, or Wilson…Who Will Have Better Season?

Steve Shoup

By Guest Writer Marcus Webb:

These quarterbacks are coming off a special rookie season, in which all led their teams to the playoffs. However, Robert Griffin, Andrew Luck, and Russell Wilson have very different styles of play at QB (Quarterback). Which QB style will have the most success in the upcoming 2013-2014 season? To determine this I will take a look at each quarterback strengths and weaknesses.

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I will start with Robert Griffin III who plays for the Washington Redskins better known as RG3, who finished as the “Offensive Rookie of the Year” for the 2012-2013 season. Drafted as the number 2 overall pick and Pro Bowl selection, RG3 has lived up to the expectations set out for him. He led all rookies’ quarterbacks in passer rating, QBR (Quarterback Rating), and fewest interceptions. He is an evolution of a new era quarterbacking, in which he brings a dual threat. RG3 strengths are his passing efficiency, high IQ, and ability to scramble. However, one of his greatest strengths leads to one of his weakness.

RG3 ability to scramble thus far has shown us that injury is his only known weakness. He missed some time last year because of injuries and ultimately got injured in the playoffs. RG3 running style contributes to his injury risk, not the fact that he chooses to scramble outside the pocket. Michael Vick running style might come to mind when you think about mobile quarterback’s health, which he has reoccurring injuries. Now I know what you’re thinking, here we go again another mobile quarterback that can’t stay healthy. Yet, I feel RG3 will learn to avoid big hits and change his style of running, as he gain more experience as an NFL quarterback.

andrewluck_needsresizedNext quarterback to be discussed is Andrew Luck who was the first overall pick taken in last season’s draft by the Indianapolis Colts. Luck has lived up to the hype passing for the second most touchdowns and lead in passing yards among all rookie quarterbacks. Before Luck got into the NFL there was controversy because the Colts had released future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning, who now plays for the Denver Broncos. In addition to that, the Colts previous season record was 2-14, which the sports experts had them pick for a rebuilding season. Nevertheless Luck surpassed the constraint place on this shoulders and led his team to the playoffs.

Luck’s style of play is more of a traditional quarterback, supporting the notion that he could have the longest playing career. His strengths are size and arm strength; he can make tough throws in tight spaces. However, his flaw was his decisions on downfield throws, which led to a lot of turnovers. To reach the level of an elite quarterback Luck has to cut down on the turnovers. With a new system this year, he should be able to do just that.

Last, I will discuss Russell Wilson, the most underrated out of all rookie quarterbacks and was passed over by multiple teams that needed a quarterback. Wilson was drafted in the 3rd round, by the Seattle Seahawks. The sports analysts said that Wilson was small and could not make the throws to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. He, not only proved them wrong, but he shattered expectations placed on his shoulders. He finished first in passing touchdowns and had the second highest passer rating among all the rookie quarterbacks.

Mobile quarterbacks can take lessons from Wilson when it comes to running style because he knows how to avoid the big hit when scrabbling. When you think about Wilson the words resilient, sturdy and system quarterback comes to mind. His strengths are his ability to move the pocket, and utilizing a strong arm. However, his weakness is his inconsistency on the road, and limitations placed on him by the coaching staff. Wilson needs to increase his road game efficiency and grow in the offensive system.

russellwilson (1)

My prediction for the 2013-2014 season, I believe that RG3 will have the best sophomore season.  If healthy, he will make the Pro Bowl for the second year in a row. He will learn to slide and run less, while still being an efficient threat. Second, I have Russell Wilson and he will be even more efficient with being a year in the system. Next I have Luck third because he had the lowest QBR and most interceptions thrown out of the quarterbacks mention. I feel Andrew Luck will have a productive season improving his touchdown to interception ratio yet, he will not out shine RG3 or Wilson.

BY M.Webb



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