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32 Questions for 32 Teams: Training Camp Edition

Here is the most intriguing question for each team as training camps are starting up:

NFC East:

1. Dallas Cowboys- How will the defense look?

-The Cowboys defense has under-performed these last could of years, but in comes Monte Kiffin and his Tampa-Two 4-3 defense.

2. New York Giants- Can Wilson be the feature back?

-The Giants have had a strong rushing game for years, but it has taken a step back recently. They drafted David Wilson in the hopes of fixing that, but can he hold up for the feature role?

3. Philadelphia Eagles- Who starts at quarterback?

-The favorite is Michael Vick, but this will be probably the most interesting QB battle to watch this season.

4. Washington Redskins- How will RGIII return from his injury?

-Griffin is hoping to make an Adrian Peterson type of recovery, but it remains to be seen if he can reach that level.

NFC North:

1. Chicago Bears- Will the offensive line give Cutler protection?

-The Bears made some moves to bolster the line this year, which will hopefully keep Cutler off the turf as much this season.

2. Detroit Lions- Is Reggie Bush the answer?

-The Lions rushing attack has been non-existent for years, adding Reggie Bush should help in that area, but is it enough.

3. Green Bay Packers- Will the Packers be balanced this year on offense?

-The Packers added a pair of running backs in the draft this year as they finally hope to provide a running game they’ve been missing for years.

4. Minnesota Vikings- How will Christian Ponder develop?

-The Vikings passing attack was going to struggle last year regardless of the quarterback, but this year with some new weapons it should be improved. How Ponder does will impact whether or not the Vikings need another QB.

NFC South:

1. Atlanta Falcons- Did they do enough this year to get over the hump?                                                                         mattryan

-The Falcons added Steven Jackson and made some moves to get fresh blood on defense, is it enough though will be interesting to watch.

2. Carolina Panthers- Which Cam Newton will we see this year?

-Newton started the year horribly last season, but really closed out the season well. What Newton shows up this year will likely determine the Panthers season.

3. New Orleans Saints- Will the return of Sean Payton get them back to the postseason?

-How Sean Payton’s presence impacts this team will be a big story to watch this preseason. Can the Saints be a threat again in a tougher NFC.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Did they do enough defensively?

-The Bucs rebuilt their defensive secondary, but didn’t replace their top pass rusher from a year ago. The pass rush was already a weakness so it could be an issue this year.

NFC West:

1. Arizona Cardinals- Can Bruce Arians turn this offense around?

-The Cardinals quarterback, running back and offensive line play last year was among the worst in the league, Arians and some key additions need to turn it around for the Cards to be relevant this year.

2. San Francisco 49ers- Do they need another wide receiver?

-The 49ers have yet to add a receiver to replace Michael Crabtree who is out with an Achilles injury, should they sign or trade for someone will be an interesting question to watch.

3. Seattle Seahawks- Can they survive the loss of Percy Harvin?

-Percy Harvin may need hip surgery, which could knock him out for a significant portion of the season.

4. St. Louis Rams- Is Sam Bradford the real deal?

-Bradford has showed a ton of potential, and now there are no more excuses as the Rams have added a number of weapons and offensive linemen these last two years.

AFC East:

1. Buffalo Bills- When should E.J. Manuel start?

-The Bills drafted Manuel to be their future, but should they risk a potential playoff shot and start him from week 1 will be the issue.

2. Miami Dolphins- Was their offseason spending spree worth it?

-The Dolphins spent big this year and brought in a number of big names, but they also lost some key guys as well.

3. New England Patriots- What receivers/tight ends will step up?

-The Patriots could be without their top 5 pass catchers (depending on Gronk’s health) from a year ago. A number of players need to step up to fill the void.

4. New York Jets- Who should be the starting quarterback?

-Sanchez is the veteran, but Geno Smith is the future. Is Smith ready enough will be the deciding factor.

AFC North:

1. Baltimore Ravens- Can they repeat?

-It’s tough to repeat as champs, and the Ravens lost quite a few starters from last year’s team. Camp will see how far away they are from repeating as champs.

2. Cleveland Browns- Will Brandon Weeden fit the new offense?

-Weeden faced a lot of criticism last year, but he seems a much better fit for Norv Turner’s offense, making this potentially one of the more intriguing camps to watch.

3. Cincinnati Bengals- Can they advance farther this year?

-The Bengals have done a nice job getting to the playoffs the past two years, but now they need to take the next step. This camp will be good to see if they have done enough to get there.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers- Can Bell be a workhorse?

-The Steelers missed the playoffs for a number of reasons last year, but one of the biggest ones was the lack of a consistent running game. Le’Veon Bell was drafted in the 2nd round to give them that weapon, but he is currently a pretty big unknown.

AFC South:

1. Houston Texans- Can they avoid the 2nd half collapse this year?

-The Texans started off the season basically unbeatable, but at the end of the year they were struggling with some weaker opponents.The Texans need to come out of the gate firing this year, but need to show they have staying power.

2. Indianapolis Colts- Was last year a fluke?

-Colts had a great year last season, but they did it despite finishing with a negative point differential. They brought in some more pieces this year, but expectations are sky high after last season.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars- Can Gabbert be salvaged?

-Blaine Gabbert will be given one more shot at winning the starting job in Jacksonville, if he doesn’t make it out of camp the Jags will be in for a long season and will need to put QB at the top of their draft list next year.

4. Tennessee Titans- Is Jake Locker the answer?

-Locker had a rough first year starting and some serious questions about his future are popping up. This camp could go a long way to proving his doubters wrong. If Locker doesn’t show much, the Titans may be forced to look at quarterbacks in the upcoming draft.

AFC West:

1. Denver Broncos- Can they overcome the pass rushing loss of Dumervil and possibly Miller (4 games)?

-The Broncos relied heavily on their pass rush last year so the potential loss of Von Miller for four games on top of Elvis Dumervil, could hurt this unit. While they should still be okay with making the playoffs, an extra loss in the first four games could hurt their chances of the number 1 seed again.

2. Kansas City Chiefs- Can Reid take them to the playoffs?

-Despite the worst record in the NFL last season the Chiefs are an interesting team as a possible playoff contender in the AFC. They have some star talent on this team and Andy Reid could be the coach to put it all together.

3. Oakland Raiders- Can McFadden stay healthy?

-This is a rebuilding season for the Raiders, but now they have to see what they have in terms of a foundation. Darren McFadden is the most naturally talented player on offense, but he’s injured every year. The Raiders desperately need him to stay healthy this season (and then re-sign him next year).

4. San Diego Chargers- Will the line hold up to protect Phillip Rivers?

-Phillip Rivers had his worst season last year, but much of the problems he faced was with the play of his offensive line. The Chargers tried to make some improvements, but this is going to be the make-or-break part of their season. If the line holds up they could be in the playoff mix, if not they will pick in the top 10 next season.

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