Weekly 5 NFL Questions

NFL Observations

Here’s my five NFL questions/thoughts for this week. What are your thoughts/answers to these questions?

1- Jaws QB Rankings Headscratcher?

I have been checking out the Ron Jaworski quarterback rankings on ESPN the past few weeks and mostly have been fine with Jaw’s rankings.  But there is one crazy placement Jaws recently had on his list that I can’t believe he would have.  How is Matt Schaub ranked number nine after last season?  Schaub is a legit starter in this league, but top ten is crazy?

There was discussion last season that he was the one holding a solid Texans team back from being a Super Bowl team.  I would have placed all four of the young QB’s ahead of him and put him in a group with Romo, Cutler and Stafford in the mid-teens.  Schaub has everything a QB needs around him to succeed and he has very average down the stretch run in 2012.  Unlike the rest of the top 13, Schaub could be playing for his job this season and that is why I can’t believe he placed top 10.


2- Doors Closing?      mattryan

Every season we discuss which teams the door may be closing on winning a championship and I think this season could be the Atlanta Falcons.  Atlanta has made numerous big moves the past couple seasons in an effort to get to the Super Bowl but have failed.  I admire their desire to win, but if they don’t win this season could there opportunity be over and could the Falcons be pushed back to the middle of the NFC?

This is a big season for many NFC teams like the Giants, Packers, Saints and Falcons.  Although all of them have top of the league NFL QB’s (especially Green Bay), teams like San Francisco, Seattle and Washington have younger superstar quarterbacks who could keep their teams at the top of the NFC for years to come.

I chose the Falcons mainly because they seem to be an older more veteran team depending on many who have been around a long time.  Also, Mike Smith has won a lot of games in Atlanta but not the big ones.  When does Arthur Blank start to debate if Smith is a very good coach but just not a great one?  Tough call but you don’t want to make this call too late.


3- Best QB All-Time?

The debate of the greatest quarterback of all time is a great one.  Some say Johnny Unitas; some say Joe Montana, others Dan Marino or John Elway or even Brett Favre or Peyton Manning.  But I think Tom Brady has a chance to claim the nod this season.

He has the championships and the stats to be in the argument but 2013 could be his most challenging since he first got on the field in replacement of Drew Bledsoe.  He has already lost Wes Welker to Denver, Aaron Hernandez to the pokie, and Brandon Lloyd and Danny Woodhead are gone also.  Gronk is a huge question mark going into the season and no one can be certain Danny Amendola can give you 16 games.

If Brady does this season with the new cast of receivers what he has done in the past, you have to consider him right at the top all time.  New England does seem to have their best running attack in years, but as we know Brady will want to take the challenge to still carry the team on his back.  It will be very interesting to see what happens in 2013.


4- Guy to Watch This Season?

Last season’s highest profile free agent signing was Peyton Manning joining the Broncos, no question.  And it obviously worked out for both sides even with a disappointing home playoff loss to Baltimore.

This season’s “to watch guy” should be Mike Wallace joining the Miami Dolphins on a mega deal to try and kick start their average offense.  Wallace will have a lot of pressure on him this season to make big plays.

Both of last season’s big money free agents who switched teams produced in Vincent Jackson and Pierre Garcon but many of the past have been huge disappointments.  Guys like Alvin Harper, Javon Walker, David Boston and Brandon Lloyd a couple times.

Miami brought in Wallace to help them overtake the Patriots in the AFC East but much of that will depend on the growth of Ryan Tannehill at quarterback.  It will be interesting to see how Miami utilizes Wallace and if he can put up the same production he did in Pittsburgh.  I do think it will work out but Wallace’s contract numbers are going to be hard to keep up with.


5- Changes in Fantasy Drafts?    Aaron Rodgers

As fantasy drafts come up the next month I find that there has been a huge change in how to draft your team.  In the past it seemed like you had to look at a quarterback early on and could not pass on the Rodgers, Bradys and Mannings in the first round.  The league has changed and now there are so many quarterbacks who can score points within their range.  Fantasy players can afford to pass on these guys and take your running backs early on and find a solid QB in the 4th or 5th round now after the big timers are gone.

Last season waiting a bit and taking a guy like Matt Ryan or RG3 paid off during the season.  You have to think that RG3, Luck, Kaepernick and Wilson will all put up big numbers in their second seasons as starters.  Add a guy like Cam Newton and you almost have a whole 10 team league with big point producing QBs.

That being said if your choice in the first comes down to a Marshawn Lynch or a Alfred Morris versus a Aaron Rodgers I would go running back.  Remember this is fantasy football not the NFL networks top 100 list.





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