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Top 10 Thursdays: Top 10 Football Movies – Honorable Mention

PART 1 (#6-10)  / PART 2 (#1-5) / HONORABLE MENTION


There were so many good football movies in our Top 10 list that it overflowed, so we needed to create an Honorable Mention list. A lot of these were movies that you the fans voted on, but didn’t quite make the Top 10.

So here is Fanspeak’s Best Football Movies Honorable Mention:


1. Friday Night Lights:    Friday Night Lights 2

We at Fanspeak happen to think the TV Show “Friday Night Lights” may have been better…”Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!”

But the movie was pretty darn good too.  Based on H.G. Bissinger’s book, Friday Night Lights profiled the town of Odessa, Texas and its high school football team coached by Coach Gaines (actor Billy Bob Thorton). The football scenes were great and the acting by Thorton, Tim McGraw and the players were on point. They all show some real emotion and that players and coaches will do anything for their team.


2. The Program:

Starring James Caan, Omar Epps, and Halle Berry, this movie shows the pressure of playing college football at a major program and the various ways players deal with the stress.


3. The Replacements:

Based on the 1987 NFL players’ strike, this comedy featuring Gene Hackman as the coach and Keanu Reeves as the “scab” QB. A light hearted, funny movie that leaves everyone feeling happy.



4. Invincible:

Based on a true story (like most great football movies), Mark Walberg plays Vincent Papale, a diehard Eagles fan, who tried out for the Philadelphia Eagles when they had open tryouts in 1976. He made the team of course, and “Invincible” shows the back luck turns to good fortune story.


5. Necessary Roughness:

What would happen if a college football team had to form a roster with their actual student body, without scholarships? That’s the basic premise of Necessary Roughness and hilarity ensued. Starring Scott Bakula, Hector Elizondo, Sinbad and a young Jason Bateman, this is an underrated film and a must watch for football fans who also like to laugh.


6. Little Giants:

In a common football movie story theme, similar to “Necessary Roughness” and “The Replacements”, a group of misfits joins together to defeat the powerhouse team, except this time its pee wee football. And the coaches of the rival teams are brothers played by Rick Moranis and Ed O’Neill.






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